Apartheid Jazmine Collins

Apartheid- a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race.

Apartheid can be related to the Men and Women’s rights in America. For a long time men believed they were better than women. Women weren't allowed to vote, have a good education, or even work. Men were superior and women were just property. The apartheid in South Africa is similar to the Men and Women's rights because whites thought they were superior to blacks, they though of them as property and used them how ever they wanted.

It seems to be unfair and such a struggle to live under the apartheid rule. One race is more beneficial then the other. The whites can dictate the colors without a care which causes many colors to die and lose people for stupid reasons, such as being in love with a white person.

It's important to know what a apartheid is because it's such a huge impact in our world. Its dictated many nations, treated many colored people in an unfair way, and caused so many to lose so much. It influenced our nations significantly and shaped are people to the way they are now. Many still believe whites are better but its slowly becoming equal to all colors.

Another injustice taking place in the world today is the agrument of Transgenders. Many people believe it's wrong to say and act like a guy when your a female and vice versa. It's unfair to tell someone you can't be who you want to be because you were born a certain way. Students today can help out those who are transgender. They can help when they are being bullied and hurt by others who don't accept them.

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Jazmine Collins


Created with images by Ben Sutherland - "Sign from Apartheid South Africa - "for use by white persons""

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