Imigartion by Carlos zapata

My topic is immigration. some of the problems with this issue are work school deportation. people are being affected by trump. I am affected because my family gets seperated . My community will be affected because their will be no immigrants.

History of Civil Rights

50 years ago, cesar chaves. Today, people is still happening. However, immigrants styinghear does not happen anymore. I think pepole remember cesar chaves.

I predict in 50 years people where happy because they where not slaves.

freed us from slavery

cesar was an important person to this issue. Some of the things they did were stand up, fore slavory, and fredon. I think people remembr him as a leader because he saved us from slavory.

Something I can do now is to stay hear is to not do nothig bad. I think this will help because people are geting diported. Another thing I could do is to be good . I think this would help because i will stay hear.

cesar chaves


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