Poetry by: anabelle Basso

I woke up and nothing was right, everything got messed up over night, my hair was tangled my lipstick smeared, I wonder why everyone was looking at me so weird, I didn't notice till third period, I was at gym getting dressed, as I looked in the mirror and got really depressed, as I saw everything messed up like an elf, I spent the whole period fixing myself, my pain was like falling of a cliff, my hair was practically gone but at least, now I don't look like a blond bug beast.
5,4,3,2,1 blast of, this space ship had no loft, it had one small chair as small as a pare, and only your space suit to ware, the ride was shore bumpy up to space, wow i never thought id go to this place, zero gravity as fly through the air, everything flouting even my hair, i couldn't even explain the view, green white and blue, i'm so glad I went to this place, called space.
Work hard play hard, running back and forth, sweat falls, dribble dribble shoot , the croud goes wild with hooray's, the whole team crouds around yay!
Get ready your up, hit the ball out of the park, run run run slide down, victory as you touch home, score the winning point hooray.
9 periods in a day, nothing ever goes my way, right now i'm at school, of course id rather be in my pool, i probably sharpen my pencil 1000 times, then wright a couple more rhymes, 10000 things going through my mind, I wish I could just rewind, my pencil swerves up and down, and all around, but at the end of the day, its all okay, I have no fear, cause my friends are also here.


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