Pigs! By: tang tang


Imagine an animal that can run as fast as the Flash and not sweat one drop. Imagine an animal that has a nose that can smell something 5 feet underground. Well, such animal does exist and that animal is called a pig. Pigs are awesome creatures that are useful pets and excellent company. If you don’t have a pig, you're missing out! Pigs do need special care and lots of love. Pigs can help you out in many ways and pigs can are actually not as dirty as you think! Get ready to learn about almost everything you need to know pigs!!

Pigs are really fast on land and in water!!

Speed of Animals says that pigs are omnivores, and despite their reputation for gluttony, they are generally social and intelligent animals. Pigs are sprinters and can attain their top speed in just a few strides. Domestic pigs average a top speed of about 11 miles per hour.

Albert Pig

Did you know that pigs are even more useful than a teacher? Well, they are (sorry teachers!). You might think that your pig just lays around in bed all day, but they don’t. Pigs can actually help you more than some people. Pigs can squeal louder than a supersonic airline which is 100 to 115 decibels, good for waking you up or alerting you if someone is trying to steal a sandwich or something. Pigs have a good sense of smell, in fact, pigs have been used to sniff out mines because the can smell something 5 feet underground and can help you find objects with its nose. Pigs are excellent swimmers and can help you if you are drowning. Pigs can also run in and out of the building so they can show your mom where you are or help you if you need support. Pigs can also entertain you( not like a clown but they can entertain you some other way) and can cheer you up if you ever need entertainment(which I think you will need ). As you can see, pigs can help you most of the time you need it.

These pigs are clever!!!

Yum, this is great!!

What do pigs eat?? Almost everything you give it( but choose what you give it, not just throw whatever you have to it)!!! You might think that pigs take a lot of caring for but pigs are really easy to care for. Pigs are omnivores and can eat almost anything including dead animals( but it isn’t good for the pig though ). Pigs need nutrition, vitamins and should get grains, vegetables and occasionally fruit. Pig pellets are the best feed. It is important that small or weak pigs should be fed separately from the bigger ones, because these stronger pigs will eat all the food. Pigs are single-stomach animals and require two or three meals a day. Divide the food into two portions, feed the pigs half in the morning and the rest in the evening. Pigs need loads of water to keep the pig healthy and hydrated. Pigs must always have clean, fresh water to drink. One pig needs at least 5 to 10 litres of water every day. The water must be put in the shade. Pigs also need lots of exercises so pigs can walk and run around with you so you can keep an eye on it in case it and it can keep an eye on you if you do anything bad ( but the pig won’t tell your mom so don’t worry). Clearly, pigs are really easy to care for.

Pigs are omnivores so we can eat almost anything including dead animals!

The Pig Care says that “pigs need to eat real pig pellets. Do not only feed one vegetable (such as cabbage), because pigs need a varied diet to stay healthy”.

Sweating like a pig?

What is the first thing you think of when you think of a pig? Filthy and mucky? Well to be honest, pigs are actually spotless and unblemished animals! You might think that pigs are dirty because they roll around in the mud but they do it because they cannot sweat to cool down because they don’t have sweat glands so they depend on the mud to cool them down. Pigs aren’t scared of bathes or soap so you don’t have to run everywhere in order to catch a pig and put him in your bath.( pigs are really fast so I doubt you will catch it unless you're the Flash) The idiom “sweating like a pig” is kinda weird because as mentioned earlier pigs cannot sweat so that idiom is weird!!!! Obviously, pigs are actually clean animals.

Pigs can eat almost anything!!

We are clean!! But sometimes we are lazy!


Are pigs fascinating creatures? You bet they are!! Pigs are awesome creatures and are excellent company. Pigs give you lots of love, but you must love it to. Pigs can keep an eye on you in case you need help or support. If you want to get a pig or already have a pig, I recommend you do some research about it. Pigs aren’t afraid of baths and aren’t that noisy ( unless you irritate them so much ). Pigs are really loyal and sensible animals and will not do anything behind you back ( most of the time )Pigs are very clean but not the cleanest animal in the world. Pigs are the best animal ever!!!


Hydrated: cause to absorb water!

Nutrition: the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth.

Omnivores : an animal or person that eats food of both plant and animal origin!

Pellets: a small, rounded, compressed mass of a substance like pig pellets.

Sweat Glands: a small gland that secretes sweat, situated in the dermis of the skin. Such glands are found over most of the body, and have a simple coiled tubular structure.

Unblemished: not damaged or marked in any way; perfect.


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