Important dates for apple

. The three men incorporated Apple Computer on April 1, 1976. While the two Steves went on to greatness as Apple's revolutionaryapproach to personal computing bore fruit, Wayne sold his share of the newly created Apple for just $800 just three months after its inception

In 1976, the Apple 1 was originally a do-it-yourself kit which didn't even come with a case. Even so, as the first all-in-one microcomputer that, once hooked up to a keyboard and monitor, didn't require extra circuitry to display text, it was a giant step forward over the competition.

When Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh at the company's annual shareholders meeting on January 24, 1984, pandemonium apparently ensued. At $2,495, the Macintosh was the first affordable computer to offer a graphical user interface, replacing fusty text-based operating systems with an intuitive layout of folders and ic

The iMac, introduced in 1998, had two characteristics that quickly made it the best-selling personal computer in America.fApple teased in a special October 2001 invite for the debut of its latest product, the brilliantly named iPod. Even if you tried you couldn't escape the mania

Released in March 2001, and touted as virtually crash-proof, OS X was also easy on the eyes because of its "aqua" look and feel, noted for its soft edges, translucent colors and pinstripes. OS X continued to evolve, going through nine different iterations in ensuing years; its stability, speed and ease of use became a major selling point for new Mac users who switched from Windows-driven PCs.

Apple launched its iTunes store in 2003, offering legal music downloads for 99 cents per song.

January 2007, when the company announced the iPhone. the phone's release on June 29, 2007 prompted .

Apple released the IPhone 3 on the 8th June 2009


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