The Social Network By: David Fincher

The movie, The Social Network is based off a true story about the creation of Facebook. It tells the story of how it all began with a couple of Harvard students and an exclusive idea.

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss had an idea to create a social networking website that only students with a email could access. They approached fellow student Mark Zuckerberg to bring their idea to life.

Mark took the opportunity, not to make them the website they asked for, but to create his own and put a little spin on it. Mark went to his best friend Eduardo to help him create the soon to be social media empire. Thus creating Facebook. A website to connect with friends and share photos. Once Tyler and Cameron found out that Mark had stolen their idea, they decided to lawyer up.

Mark Zuckerberg/ creator of Facebook
Jesse Eisenberg/ actor who played Mark Zuckerberg

Another person who also decided to lawyer up on Mark was sadly his best friend Eduardo. Eduardo was the backbone of the company while Mark got all the glory, and all the money. Eduardo got cheated out of a company that he was the co-founder of.

Today Mark is still the founder along with Eduardo, the Winklevoss twins got what they wanted out of the law suit and Facebook is still the biggest social media company.

When the movie came out in 2010 I was not old enough to see it because it is rated R. Even though I was not old enough the rest of my family was and they got to see it. They all talked about how good it was. Up until this project I had never thought that once I'm old enough I have to see this movie. But when I saw it on the list of movie selections I knew I had to pick it. I love seeing how this are made and what goes into the process of creating something. The ups and downs in this movie is also another aspect that intrigued me.


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