Why Change a 80 Year Legacy Controversial Name change for the Washington Redskins


The Washington Redskins have a rich history which started back in 1932 when they were originally called the Boston Braves. Five years later they relocated to Washington, DC and which birthed the Washington Redskins.

"Hail to the Reskins...we will fight for ole' DC". This is more than a saying for the fans of the Washington Reddskins. This is something we live by as we exhibit nothing but support for our home team. This is only a portion of the unique tradition which has been going on for many decades.

Diversity within the Redskins community

Above represents the different races and cultures that support this wonderful and unique franchise

As a loyal, die hard Redskins fan, I can honestly say that the organizations has an fan base like no other. The Redskin community in Washington, DC metropolitan area is filled with nothing but loving people who enjoy watching them play, even if they win or lose. From the inner city of the nations capital all the way to the surrounding areas of DC, Maryland, and Virginia fans everywhere unite to enjoy Redskins football. It seems as if it's us against the world and the atmosphere is like no other. I have been a faithful fan since kindergarten and truly feel as though the Redskins organization brings us together as one. People from all walks of like illustrate the strongest support for the team. Loyal fans consider the Redskins organization as family and refer to themselves as "bleeding burgundy and gold". "Hail to the Redskins" is the motto in which we live by. How great is it to be a Washington Redskins fan?

Beautiful FedEx Field

How exciting is it to see your die hard Redskins enjoy football in the wonderful stadium of FedEx Field.

FedEx field is located just 10.7 miles away from the nations capital in Landover, Maryland. It's very unique that the Redskin's stadium isn't actually in DC. In addition, in many parts of the city you can actually see the stadium many miles away. The Washington Redskins, for the longest, had the largest stadium in the NFL. According to Fandom.com, it stated that for from 2004-2010 the Redskins had the largest number of seats almost nearing 92,000. The article stated, "From 2004 to 2010 Redskins fans set the NFL regular-season home paid attendance records." It was a see of gold and burgundy that filled the entire stadium. At a point of time, I lived blocks away and game day in the nations capital was something like no other. The capital beltway was the life line which surrounded the nation's capital. It happened very often that the beltway was backed up even in parts of Virginia just so loyal fans could watch their Redskins fans. It was as if the whole city was shut down to dedicate their day's to the Redskins . This only goes to show you how important the organization is to the city. When the Redskins were playing, nothing else was important. It was due to the wonderful fans being supportive for all these years. FedEx field only enhanced the excitement by giving people a once in a lifetime chance to enjoy football like no other

The Experience

I remember the wonderful day like it was yesterday. It was my 9th birthday and I was surprised with front row tickets to the Washington Redskins game. For years I wished to attend a game and the day it happened was the best day of my life. I enjoyed tailgating before the game and all the other festivities they had prior to kickoff. The food was great and I remember eating the best barbecue chicken ever. I remember seeing the players warm up and I was so excited to see them that close. I was young and very small and they looked like giants. I loved Santana Moss and got a chance to shake his hand. The stadium quickly filled up and the atmosphere was like no other. The roaring crowd made it to where I couldn't even hear the person next to me. The Redskins would go on and secure the victory which made my time at FedEx field even better. That day was by the best ever and "the experience" was like no other.

More than a football team...More like a family

Sean Taylor was my favorite Redskin player of all time. I remember getting his jersey at a very young age and trying to play like Sean Taylor. His heart and burning desire to be the best player made me want to be like him growing up. I would wear his jersey while playing football in the neighborhood and every friday to school. I never missed a game on television because I didn't want to miss a big hit by Sean Taylor. When 21 was in the game, I was locked in. It was truly an honor to see him play before he was tragically murdured in his Miami home. According to www.ESPN.com, Sean Taylor was killed by intruders who allegedly broke into his home, attempting to rob him, and murdered him. It stated,"Taylor died early Tuesday of a gunshot wound from an apparent intruder, a tragic end for a 24-year-old whose life was transformedby the birth of a daughter 18 months ago." This was a complete tragedy that devastated fans across america but really hit home in the Nation's Capital.

The death of Sean Taylor was shocking and left many people in sorrow. It was unexpected and people in the district were hurt. What into a regular burglary eventually ended in a homicide. According to www.NFL.com the burglars were only looking for cash and jewelry while assuming he was out of town at his game. The article stated,"Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Dennis Murphy imposed the sentence on Eric Rivera, 23, one of five Fort Myers-area men charged with Taylor's death after they broke into his house looking to steal cash." Sean Taylor was only 24 and had left behind a family. The city changed after this incident and fans everywhere could feel the pain of this loss.

Teams all around the league payed their respect to Sean by wearing "21" on the back of their helmets.

I remember waking up and hearing the news and was saddened by the terrible news. I began to tear up and felt as if I had lost someone close to me. This is how many other people felt when they were informed that he was killed. The DC natives would pay there respect by putting teddy bears all throughout the city.

Fans from everywhere would show there love and support for our fallen soldier.


The Washington Redskins, to many, isn't just a football team but is like one big family. The organization itself has done numerous great things for the community over the last few decades. They include feeding the homeless, building playgrounds and recreation centers, and holding youth programs for kids in DC Metropolitan area. In addition, the organization has donated so much money to different organizations and other programs that benefit the community. The Redskins even have charitable foundations that aim to help the youth in a positive way. The mission statement states,"The mission of the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation is to make a positive and measurable impact in the lives of children in our community. Since its start in 2000, the Foundation has given back more than $16M to the community, focusing primarily in the areas of education, community outreach and health and wellness." This is just a small portion of the great things the franchise has done to help people in a tremendous way.

No need for a name change !!!!!!

The big question and controversial topic that has been discussed for years is "Should the Washington Redskins change their name." This has been in discussion because many people say that it offends Native Americans in the country. During a discussion on www.Debate.org many people supported the name change and stated," As a Native American, I find it offensive that Washington ownership is profiting from using a racial slur to sell merchandise and promote a game I enjoy." Honestly I feel as though the name change shouldn't occur because if it was really a problem, the NFL would have done something about it years ago. In addition, some Native Americans don't find the name to be offensive. According to a poll from www.washingtonpost.com, it stated,"Nine in 10 Native Americans say they are not offended by the Washington Redskins name, according to a new Washington Post poll that shows how few ordinary Indians have been persuaded by a national movement to change the football team’s moniker." Also, www.Redskins.com made a great point that the name wouldn't help the Native American community in no way shape or form. The article stated,"And what is America going to get out of the Redskins potentially changing their name? Changing the name won't do anything to help the Native American community. Changing the name of the Redskins will only please the politically correct anti-democracy crusaders who want to take away your freedom and my freedom." This really explains how from a non political view point changing the name wouldn't, do anything good.

So much tradition and great legacies behind the wonderful Washington Redskins organization. Since the birth of the team in 1932 nothing but success came for the franchise. The Washington Redskins had the great honor of playing in the nations capital and brought great things to the city of DC. Winning 3 super bowls (1983,1988,1992), Washington quickly became one of America's favorite team. The fanbase and Redskin community has since then expanded nation wide. All this success and generated fan base is a small unique attribute that the organization has. Why all of a sudden make changes to the magnificent NFL program. I highly agree that the name shouldn't be change as it is evident that the team adds great value and changes many people's lives. It more than just the team Washington Redskins but the true meaning of the team is something more important. The wonderful legacy that continues to grow each year only demonstrates that the name of the team isn't doing society or anybody who feels offended any wrong. The name shouldn't be changed and it should continue to stay the way it is. Hail to the Redskins!

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