Jude Carlon (A) Artwork analysis


"Judeinator"- Sharpie

Wire Sculpture

"New Era"- Wire

Cut Canvas Design

"Hallway"- Canvas and Paper

Color Scheme Pattern Paintings

"Big Circle with lines through it-inator"- Paint

Perspective Image

"Movies"- Pencil and Paper

1. Because I wasn't in class on Monday when you went over the details of the perspective drawings, my point of emphasis isn't on a rule of thirds point. It is a little bit to the bottom left corner but more in middle. It is the blue sign that reads "movies."

2a. The first element of design I used was value. Value plays into my drawing because of the different shades I used. Some parts were lighter than others because they were facing the "sun" and others were darker because they were further away.

2b. The second element of design I used was form. This is illustrated in my drawing because I used form to make the 3-D objects. I gave the illusion as if you were actually looking at the buildings in real life.

2c. Finally, the third element of design I used was line. Examples of this can be found all over, especially when dealing with the vanishing point. Almost all the lines lead to this point, giving the the illusion as if you were actually there.

Analysis of Famous Art Image

Name- Oscar-Claude Monet

Le Parlement, 2′ 8″ x 3′ 0″, Brooklyn Museum

Point of Emphasis- The siloquette of London (largest building) in the background on the right side.

Some elements pictured include value and texture. The value has to do with the different shades of colors used to picture the sunset. The texture in this painting is very soft because of the thick, smooth strokes with the brush.

This work makes me feel warm and at ease. The use of warm colors such as red and orange make you feel at peace. I really like how this painting makes me feel and how simple it is.

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