Good Life Tour of the Harn Thomas john

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist: I immediately was drawn to this piece of artwork as I walked into this room because of its uniqueness. Normally all the other pieces are pictures and relics of past cultures but this was nothing like that which automatically drew me to it. This sculpture is surprisingly shaped out of various scraped pieces of aluminum foil and acrylic. Although these are very basic items I think this adds to the beauty of this sculpture because it gives you the notion that regardless of your surroundings with creativity you can make anything much more lively and beautiful. Another part of this piece that I loved was the non uniformity in color. John Chamberlain achieved by spraying auto lacquer and polyester resin on it to achieve the beautiful finish to this piece that gives it that last bit of eye catching magnificence.

Chamberlain,John.Untitled.1973.Aluminum foil,acrylic,lacquer and polyresin.Harn Museum,Gainesville,FL.By Thomas John.2017.JPEG

Design of the Museum: I specifically found the design of the Asian Art Wing the most eye catching and appealing. Right from the start you can notice that it is very different from every other wing in the museum. The open flooring, the lighting, the botanical garden in the back do a great job of setting it apart. Prior to even walking in I had already had a large liking towards Asian culture due to the fact that I think it is very rich and diverse. Throughout the wing many very finely crafted glassworks could be found such as vases and plates that had such vivid detail upon them. The aspect of the wing that I appreciated the most was the garden in the back. This is what truly set it apart and created a very realistic cultural experience for the viewer.
Art and Core Values: This piece of artwork particularly resonated with me because the creator based it upon many ideals I align myself with. Flack draws on democracy and egalitarian society which is what specifically drew me in emotionally. I stand by these two ideals very heavily and to see a sculpture that was created with those concepts in mind in order to represent them was very appealing to me. Flack also mentions that this piece is meant to represent social inequality faced by women which i think this piece exhibits beautifully as it stands strong and powerful whilst exuberating awe. This piece reminded me of the morals that I already had but after seeing this piece they were fresh in my mind and I left with a new outlook on things.

Flack,Audrey. Islandia, Goddess of the Healing Waters.1988.Polychrome and gilded plaster. Harn Museum of Art, Gainesville,FL. By Thomas John.2017.JPEG

Art and the Good Life: Diego Rivera's piece here stood out to me because it particularly highlight social injustices. Rivera wanted to highlight the injustice of the lower class which he did just that in displaying a normal day in the life for a member of the working class in Mexico. Through reading the description of the piece and analyzing the artwork itself the viewer can really get in touch with what Rivera was trying to convey and truly realize the injustice that took place. Although Rivera is discussing injustice in this piece I believe educating people upon injustices like this is what helped Rivera himself live the good life which was also another reason I was drawn to the piece. Due to this is a way the viewer can appreciate both positive and negative things from this piece. Realizing what the art is conveying but also realizing that exhibiting sympathy for others in an effort for others to care is a way that some do achieve the good life.

Rivera,Diego.Road Worker.1945.Charcoal on rice paper. Harn Museum of Art,Gainesville,FL.By Thomas John.2017.JPEG


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