Ancient Egypt By: landon strickland

It's located in northeast Africa


The Nile river is the physical feature of egypt


started 3100 BC ended 30 BC
The Nile river is the longest river


There were 2 to 4 million people in ancient egypt
The wife's and husbands did different jobs and the kids eventually did what the parents did


This some of the things they ate.

they had a lot of calibrations like when they had the 30th year of the pharaoh's rule.
you had to give something to the priest and he would give it to the gods in your honor and then you will get a statue and you pray to it every night.


There was in the government a pharaoh, queen, priest, chief, archer, scribe, and shepherd
there were no laws they thought the pharaoh made the right chose.


They traded a lot of things like bones and incenses for other things they traded with Kush and punt.


They played leapfrog ,tug of war, wrestling, and more boys could marry at 12 and boys at 14 they prayed for more children because they would take care of them when they were old.


mummification, door locks, youngest mummy, cavity in the pyramid of Giza


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