2020: New Decade, New Vision The decade has come to an end, but new experiences still await for students and staff.

When years change most of our mindsets, ideals, and vision change. We will never be able to see the future, but we will always be able to make predictions on what will happen. 2020 is a new decade where Seniors will be able to graduate and some people will be impacted tremendously by the way they are working now.

The start of this new decade will create new technology, culture, and memories. Time will move on, but our attachments to family, friends, and other different ideas will always be together.

It is important that we cherish the memories created from this past decade as we move to the next part of our lives, as we will have good memories and fun to look back on. Each and every year, every person has at least one thing to look forward to in the upcoming year, whether it be big or small.

Underclassmen may be just experiencing the feel of high school or wrapping up their 2nd year, while upperclassmen are quickly progressing through their high school years. Some may be getting jobs, starting a new life away from parents, or just ready for exciting times to come in the new year.

"Maybe new friendships and doing better in school... getting a job." - Isaiah Cyan (Junior)
"Shows! like the shows on Disney plus I'm very excited for, any music that's going to come out from creators that I like...I'm also excited to be a senior next year. That's insane." - Micah Pannell (Junior)
"Continued growth and more success for track."- Joseph Miclette (Social Science)
"I hope for one of the math teachers to get engaged next year."- Leila Dibble (Math)
"I'm looking forward for a great year, and I want to go CCS for basketball."- Josh Cruz (Senior)
"I'm ready to graduate high school, start college, and start my adult life."- Drake Di Denti (Senior)
"I'm hoping to get better grades and have a good basketball season."- Anuj Sharma (Freshman)
"I'm looking forward to meet new people, get new classes, and just have more fun."- Lesly Hernandez (Freshman)
"I'm looking forward to this summer, and i'm thinking about becoming a body combat instructor and being certified."- Ariana Greenberg (Math)
"I'm looking forward to track this year because i'm trying to break some of my personal records so I can try to qualify for BVALS, and i'm looking forward to driving because it'll be a lot easier to get everywhere."- Joselyn Romero (Sophomore)
"I'm looking forward to a lot of things for the year 2020, but one of the things i'm looking forward to the most is getting my permit so I can learn how to drive. Then I can get my license, and so I won't have to depend on my parents as much as I usually do to go places."- David Ramirez (Sophomore)