My journey into STEM and MAKER Ed events.... the abbreviated version

It all started with a question: Can you help me after-school with this Lego robotics program?
And so I became THAT teacher...that Math teacher who just began to include technology and making aspects to every project. I was duped and didn't know I was a STEM/Maker teacher until much, much later in life.

Flash Forward a few years......another school later. Instead of lesson planning I am now working under the title of Instructional Technology Coach. Attending events like this.

Which expanded my understanding of MAKER, STEM, STEAM and how to the three are intertwined.

Which pushed forward new ideas

and a newfound bravery to ask: WHAT IF we can do this in schools.

Which led to our first Make-a-thon

Where students alongside their teachers and principal got creative

Using all kinds of technology

from paper, pencil, tape and scissors

to laptops and makey kits

to create a 3 part project

paper rollercoaster-> makey circuit-> scratch code

at the end of the day, smiling faces all around and 6 beautiful and functional builds after many, glorious fails.

Created By
Lliana Villegas


Created with images by othree - "Maker Faire"

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