Welcome Mr. Leca to the best project your ever going to see, trust me... but in all seriousness today i will be presenting my presentation about issues in Canada. Man If you think about it we're a very dominant country when it comes to having solutions to first world problems but were not perfect because who is "am i right" (100/100 presentation skills).


  1. Now A major problem in Canada currently is that more 4.9 million people live on $2 a day in Canada which is a big problem because it makes life for people to live in Canada difficult as well as showing Canada.
  2. As with many other countries air pollution is a problem in metropolitan areas. The air pollutants are from cars and wood burning. In result we are destroying many habitats and harming animals.
  3. Another problem is weather conditions. In places such as Saskatchewan there has been a 50% increase in GHG emissions.

Come on Canada we got this lets fix these problems.


  1. Our first solution is to create more cars that are hybrid such as the Tesla model S and model X. Currently the average price for a Tesla model S 75 (slowest model) is $74,500. If companies such as Hyundai, BMW, Honda and many more were to switch from building cars that use the same parts to create more hybrids to reduce the use the of gas. This will raise our economy and we will be a healthier country.
  2. Poverty is a major problem in Canada and in my little brain I have thought up of some solutions. For the poor jobs should have some job openings such as cleaners and many more. If they work their jobs well then they will be paid and their pay will increase like everyone else. In the end what I'm trying to say is that jobs in Canada should have some openings to allow everyone to have a chance. They must work up themselves and then we will be able to help them.
  3. Climate change is a big issue in Canada. Rising average temperatures do not simply mean bad winters. Some regions will experience more extreme heat while others may cool slightly. Flooding, drought and intense summer heat could result. Violent storms and other extreme weather events could also result from the increased energy stored in our warming atmosphere. The world's leading scientists report that to prevent dangerous levels of global warming governments should act to limit global warming to less than 2ºC by taking concerted action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Canada has a lot of advantages such as education, healthcare and many more things, But there are a lot of disadvantages such as pollution, poverty and climate change. But Canada just has to work together and we can get rid or at least decrease the rates of the disadvantages.

Thanks for Being my GEO teacher

Don't Worry I'll Keep dabbing. ^_^


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