Village of Hobart Local Goverment ProjeCT

2990 S Pine Tree Road, Hobart, WI 54155
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Village issues/events

They wanted to add a practice archery range for anyone to utilize at 4 seasons park, since the closest is in Neenah.

The Village wanted to add a guardrail for safety on a curve on STH 29/ Centennial Centre Boulevard.

Fernando Drive was used as a detour during construction and with more traffic it got beaten up.

They wanted to get bigger garbage and recycling bins with a 10 year agreement that would fix them if they got cracked.

Placement of 3 Streetlights on Hilton Head

Description: Homeowners asked to have street lights added between Barnard Wood's subdivision and Thornberry. They wanted a safer stretch of road for the people that walk at night and the lights will do just that. Solution: The motion was passed unanimously and the payments will be charged back to the subdivision. Opinion: I totally agree with this decision. I think it's good to add streetlights to make it safer for people that walk at night and to brighten up the street. I also agree how the payments will be payed by the homeowners of the subdivision because it's allowing them to be safer.

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