PPC Retail Case Study How We Used Paid Search Campaigns To Turn $175k Into $1.58M Sales For Full Crystal™

The Product

  • Industry: Retail | Home Goods
  • Timeline: 12 months | February 2018 - January 2019
  • Goal: $5 Cost-Per-Order (CPO) & 400% Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Featured Digital Channels: Google & Bing Ads

The Challenge

When the Fuller Brush Company® launched their new window cleaning product, Full Crystal™, they had a specific $5 cost-per-order (CPO) target for their paid search and shopping campaigns in order to remain profitable.

Direct response products have a short lifespan so we needed to hit our $5 goal as quickly as possible.

The Strategy

Utilizing a mix of Google Ads, Bing Ads and Google shopping campaigns, we built a comprehensive and efficient foundation to grow the Full Crystal™ brand while hitting the target $5 CPO.

Dominating Google Shopping Campaigns for Full Crystal

We launched the search and shopping campaigns on both Google and Bing in order to drive the most volume at the lowest price cost-per-action. These tactics consistently performed with a 13.36% conversion rate, 400% higher than the industry standard for this category, not only meeting the target CPO goal but exceeding it by 22%.

The lifetime of this product type tends to be fairly short, around a year or so depending on market saturation, so we knew that we needed to maximize our campaigns for as long as possible. As the product aged, we expanded the paid search campaigns to increase our brand interest with newer market segments.

Paid Search & Shopping Campaign Search Results for Full Crystal

While the addition of the secondary markets increased the CPO slightly, the boost in traffic to the site as well as revenue continued to perform within the CPO target, extending the life of the digital campaigns and outperforming direct search traffic.

Paid Traffic Had Top Volume & Top Conversion Rate

Lifetime of these campaigns generated over $1.58M in revenue, accounted for 47% of the traffic to the website and 21% of all transactions on the website interacted with our ppc campaigns leading up to a purchase.

The Results

*All references to 2019 industry benchmarks are from Google & Wordstream and can be found here.

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