Boring, Baseball Recently people have started to dislike baseball for many reasons, but why? By Chris Menes

Do you like sports, if so why? People all around the world love sports as entertainment, but baseball doesn’t usually doesn’t get the same love as some other sports. It used to be the most popular sport in America, but every year more and more people quit on the game because it’s to boring or slow. Why do people dislike baseball and what can the MLB do to fix the problems? They need to do something quick or the fanbase will continue to decrease.

Speeding Up the Game

First, the MLB has been trying to implement new rules to speed up the game, but most experts think that it would bring the game in the wrong direction. One example was, in the minor leagues they tried to set a 20 second pitch counter that shortened the game by 16 minutes. While it was a major decrease to fans, most people think shortening games by minimal amounts won’t increase the fanbase. Another example is, they tried to force batters to stay in the box at all time. This would be a beneficial rule, but players have found ways around it by calling timeouts or asking the umpire questions. Another way people think they can make the game shorter is by making the commercials shorter. The players have found they aren't playing for a lot of the game. There are approximately 45 minutes of commercials in each baseball game. Although this again would make the game shorter by a substantial amount, this would lower advertisements for players, making them less known. Making people less knowledgeable about the game.

Some of baseballs biggest stars right now.

Not Enough Stars

Also, there aren't enough comercial stars in the baseball league compared to other popular sports. It’s likely if you aren’t a active fan of the MLB you can’t name more than 10 players. First, baseball players aren’t marketed the same way. They aren’t in as many commercials, they don’t apear on T.V. shows, and they aren’t as heavely sponcered. This makes even the most popular baseball players unknown in the public eye.Another reason why is baseball players can’t express themselves in the same ways other sport players can. Bryce Harper, a young player explained his critics for the game, saying “Baseball’s tired. It’s a tired sport, because you can’t express yourself. You can’t do what people do in other sports do. I’m not saying baseball is, you know, boring or anything like that, but it’s the excitement of the young guys who are coming into the game now who have flair.” For example, football and soccer players get to celebrate after a goal or touchdown is scored, yet baseball players are usually criticized after doing a bat flip or celebrating a home-run. This means on the field the average viewer can’t observe a certain personality in a player which means they can’t connect or start a liking for a player. Finally, a lot of big stars have been involved in drug/steroid scandals. When someone reads an article about a scandal they don’t know much about they assume it’s bad (which most of the time is true). This is why in games if people see someone they heard about doing something bad they will most likely dislike the player.

The Game is Not Entertaining

Finally, the game doesn’t sufficiently entertain them. First, there simply isn’t enough action. A WSJ study found there is only about 18 minutes of action in a 3 hour game of baseball. This turns people off because they get bored of watching the game. Second, there are other “better” options. It’s proven people like games like basketball and football better because there is more going on. In basketball they are scoring every 30 seconds and in football the players are constantly tackling each other. This means people will go watch other things instead of baseball. Lastly, a lot of casual viewer don’t know the rules to the game. This makes their understanding of baseball nonexistent. Which affects their view on the game, thinking it’s too complicated or has too many rules.

They Need to do Something Fast

People think baseball is “boring” multiple reasons like not enough stars, or it’s too slow, or it doesn’t entertain them. They are all viable opinions, but the MLB needs to do something to make the game more interesting again. Baseball has been a very patriotic sport for years and for a long time the most popular sport. But times have changed and people have abandoned baseball. We need to make the game more exciting and restore the impact that it had on the U.S.


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