Balancing a Hobby While Parenting The life of a mom soccer player

Being a mother and a teacher is cool, but being all those things plus a soccer player, is cooler. Community High science teach Courtney Kiley has loved playing soccer since the age of five, and the love for the game hasn't stopped.

"My kids love to come to my games and run around the bleachers"

Kiley started playing when she was five, and even played on Green Hills High School's varsity team as a Freshman. Currently, she plays for a adult team at Wide World Sports, and has games every Tuesday and Thursdays.

"Tuesday nights we play teams 30 and up, so it isn't super competetive. But on Thursdays we play 18 and up so it gets really competeive." Kiley says.

Kiley has encouraged sports on her two daughters, ages 7 and 4, but hopes they continue to play.

"My oldest was on a soccer team, but left because she wanted to be in the Chess Club." Kiley says. "It was kind of a low blow, but as long as she's happy I'm happy."

Kiley's husband is also involved in sports, but not soccer.

"He isn't good at soccer, but he rock climbs which is super cool."

Kiley hopes to continue playing the sport she loves for as long as she can, even if her broken toe might hold her back.

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