This Document is an idea pitch for the local governing council to trial an application for local improvement.

What is My Area?

My Area is an application that will allow local people to have their say on what needs improving in the local area.

Through location data, the app will allow users to pitch ideas to other users that will the be forwarded to the local governing council.

Why would this be useful?

My Area can enable the community to take the opportunity to improve the place that they live in.

The concept is to bridge the gap between local people and the governing body in order to solve problems that are being complained about.


People want to be in control. The main audience for this application is anybody that cares for their local area regardless of how old they are. The main demographics would be in the range of 16-50 year olds.

From our primary research, we have discovered that around 85% of people from the 100 people that filled out the survey thought that their area needed improving.

75% thought local councils either didn't take necessary action for complaints or didn't know if they did.

However we found a whopping 90% said they would use an app that would help improve the area that they live in, with 9% potentially using it.

Below are the two concept designs for both the mobile and web versions of the application. Click the buttons for the functioning prototypes.

(Click for full images)
(Click for full images)

Both designs are both very much the same designs using the same mechanics and graphic layout. They aim to both minimalistic and simple to use, so anyone from whatever age range can simply get straight to using it.


Up-vote System

The app uses an up vote system where the local community will vote whether the project is good enough or not. This enables people to put their own opinion forward on whether they like the idea or not.

In order for the project to go to the local council, the project will need over 15 votes and also a positive rating of 51% and over in order to be reviewed.

Anonymous Profiles

The only information we require from users will be an email address, password and location.

The location can either be entered manually through a postcode (web version) or through location data (mobile version). The locations are used to display projects of that area and also to find the local council.

The email and password is to save projects and location data. The users profile will have no personal data whatsoever.


For the financing towards the app, we are looking to crowd fund the needed costs in order to pay for the development of the app. This will cover developing team, marketing and also the distribution of the app. The rest of the money will go towards the items available for crowdfunders.

A voluntary contributory link will also be made available on the production blog which will coincide with the project.

The amount of money we are looking for for the development of the project will be around £10,000 - £15,000.

Council request

For this application to be able to get off its feet, we will need a go-ahead for a trial run that links the council to the app. (Obviously after the application is in a prototype stage).

This will allow us to test whether the app works well and in conjunction with the team within the council. Also it would give a chance to see how the solving of ideas also work.

The trial run will ultimately decide the fate of the concept and for it to be pitched and developed further.

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Samuel Bruce

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