Giraffes Habitat By Danielle

Hi i'm Danielle the zookeeper of the giraffe's. And you probably want to learn about them, so I will tell you about their habitat, what they eat and how they get there food, and there water source. So I hope you will enjoy about learning about the giraffe. Now you are entering the giraffe's life!

About a giraffe

A giraffe is one of the tallest animals on earth! They also have cool facts about themselves. One of which is they have blue tongues!

The giraffe's habitat

Giraffe's are mostly found in Africa but they are also found in zoos. A giraffe's habitat is around a lot of trees and they also live in the savanna grassland. Giraffe's will also run in the wild tall grass in Africa. That is all about giraffe's habitat now lets go on to there food!

What do giraffes eat

A giraffe's mostly get their food from trees, giraffe's eat leaves from trees and because of their long necks they can get leaves from high trees. Giraffe's also eat hay I never knew that giraffe's could eat hay! Well looks like I also learnt something new to! Now we are going to go on to how giraffe's get their water!


Giraffe's get there water from lakes, when a giraffe is drinking another giraffe watches the other giraffe so predators like tigers don't go and attack them, and I don't know about you but I think that is really cool how they watch over the other giraffe. That's all about how giraffe's get their water. That's all I have to say about how giraffe's get their water.


That is all I have to say about giraffe's! I hope you learned some new things about giraffe's. I hope you will like to visit giraffe's at the zoo bye!


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