Charles Lindbergh By: Bryson Loflin

Early Childhood

Charles Linderbergh was born on February 4th, 1902 in Detroit, Michigan. Most of his childhood was spent in Little Falls, Minnesota along with Washington, D.C. Sadly his parent left each other when he was 7, but he still continued on.

College & Starting To Fly

Later on in his life he enrolled in the college of Engineering at the Univiersity of Wisconsin, Madison. However he dropped out during his sipghomore year to begin his flight training, which he had easily found out was his passion during school.

Flight Traning

Charles took to Nebraska to begin his flight training. He trained and trained, as he loved flying, but eventually he was unable to pay for his classes and license to fly solo. This was a let down to him but he decided he would go around and do different flying jobs to earn enough money. It gave him a good perspective on the world along with giving him flying experience.

Military Training

After he was able to fly solo, he decided to go to military flight school. Charles already had lots of experience with flying which gave him an advantage. He ended up first in his class at military flight school. He later said that going to this school was very beneficial for his future achievements.

The Flight Across The Atlantic

On May 20th, 1927, Charles began his flight across the Atlantic Ocean. His goal was to fly all the way across, solo, without making any stops. This had never been done before. The entire flight took about a day and a half. Everyone was ecstatic that he achieved his goal. It gave a new view into flight and in what could be accomplished.


During his lifetime Charles was awarded about 10 major awards. These include the Hubbard Medal, the Medal Of Honor and the Air Firce Cross, just to name a few. However his greatest achievement was most likely what I previously noted, his solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean without any stops.

Later In Life

All of Charles achievements made him very popular, until the time of WWII. He thought we should've just stayed out of it and not go into the war. Most Americans disagreed with his bleliefs and stopped looking to him for advice. Since so much was going on he decided to avoid public attention. After that not much happened, and his spotlight was mostly gone. However later he decided to talk about how he believed we should conserve our natural resources. Although most of his publicity was gone he served as an adviser in the aviation industry and actually flew about 50 combat missions. Not long afterwards Charles died of cancer on August 26th, 1974.

"Living in dreams of yesterday, we find ourselves still dreaming of impossible future conquests."


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