Is a Size 8 Really A Size? Julea truskey

Background Info

Shopping with woman always seems so long, boring, exhausting for the male, WELL let's talk about the struggle women go through to look good.


Shopping for jeans in the women's department can take hours. I will be explaining why. Jeans are falsely advertised. Not ALL stores share the same size 8 for example.

Data Collection

I decided to compare five different stores. Old Navy, American Eagle, Rue 21, Aero, and Target. I tried on five pairs of pants from each store, ALL in "size 8". I measured my waist with the pants on, then I laid the pant down and measured the pant from side to side. In total I have 25 data points ( 1 pant = 1 point).

Waist Calculations

Dot Plots


80% - (36.6 - 37.17)

90% - (36.43 - 37.33)

99% - (36.27 - 37.49)

Summary Charts

80%, 95%, 99%

Side to Side Calculations

Dot Plots

Summary Charts


80% - (13.37 - 14.86)

95% - (12.95 - 15.28)

99% - (12.53 - 15.72)


This should have taught you males that shopping for jeans can be a grueling process. From store to store the numbers were drastically different at times for the same style. I learned to be patient and stick to a brand where I KNOW my size.

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