Nature activity at florida MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY By Joe McCoy

Nature on Display: The exhibit that I found to be the most appealing was the outdoor butterfly exhibit. Being outside rather than looking at the exhibits indoors made me feel like I was immersed in nature. Museums for the most part have designs that are calculated, but nature is not by no means deliberately designed. The randomness of nature can only be encapsulated by allowing nature to be free. Seeing the butterflies freely fly around the exhibit made it feel like I was not in a museum. I learned from my experience that nature acts independently of us. I term this phenomena as "free thought" which is a characteristic of nature but not in humans. Humans tend to be too concerned with stresses in their lives and tend to cause destruction. These butterflies just float around without a care in the world. What I would give in order to be as carefree as a butterfly. I also enjoyed this exhibit because of the butterflies themselves. The bright colors are pleasing to the eyes and inspire a sense of wonder.

Nature and Ethics: I believe that it is the fundamental responsibility for humans to do their part in conserving the planet's health. This planet is our only place where we can survive, and we owe it to future generations to not take advantage of the planet. If everyone has the selfish mindset when it comes to this planet's limited resources, then it will not be long before scarcity becomes an epidemic. The museum acts as a sanctuary that can not be destroyed and encapsulates what nature should be like. It is free from human interference and also educates people on how to act in accordance to nature. I went to the museum with a friend and he had a similar reaction to me. He saw the innate beauty in nature and felt strongly that the correct course of action was to preserve nature. We discussed the importance of legislators to make sure that environmental protection was a top priority. There is a misconception in society that we "own" the land, but rather we rent it and use it for sustainability.

Nature and the Human Spirit: It is easy for anyone to get caught up in the material world when one goes to work or school, but it is important to connect with our spiritual side. Nature, especially the butterflies, act as a metaphor of easy going, stress free living. All of nature acts upon instinct and impulses, which alleviates the stress that comes with over thinking life. Many people experience stress from from their jobs or families, but these creatures only concerned with living and seeking their next pleasure. The natural world will operate whether or not humans have anything to do with it. This allows us to view nature as an example of how to live our lives. We need to take time out of our busy day in order to appreciate the simplicity of nature and apply it to our own lives. Improving mental health can be achieved by

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