The Magic of Travel Why students should travel during college

Students at Liberty University should be given the opportunity to study abroad to mature on their own and gain experiences.

Liberty University should take a small portion out of students tuition to pay for study abroad trips.

It is crucial that students experience traveling before they graduate to prepare them as they enter into the work force.

Graduates from Liberty will become more desirable when applying for job positions because they will be more experienced and cultured than other college graduates.

Traveling is necessary because it teaches students that there is more to the world than just our homes and college campuses.

Traveling is a great way to experience culture, history, and art! Much can be learned from museums and what they have to offer.

Tasting incredible and authentic foods is also another fun way to experience different cultures while traveling!

Above is a picture of Stroopwafel, an extremely popular treat in Amsterdam. It is interesting to see the diets and common foods in different countries.

Traveling while in school also helps students grow closer to the other individuals they travel with. Being able to experience the world with classmates helps build meaningful relationships and people skills that are important for adulthood.

So, where do you think you'll travel next?


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