Ruby Bridges! :) by ella breitenstein g. :)

This is a picture of Ruby Bridges as a grown up

Here is a video to watch of Ruby Bridges called "the story of Ruby Bridges"

Ruby's parents wanted ruby to go to a differen't school but,the school the parents wanted to go to was a white school and so when they came to register her in but the boys said, NO! but the dude responded as "the presedent said she is allowed to attend the school" so the dude cleared so they could enter the school then they waited till someone came to help them, one came so they had to wait and wait and wait till the day ended so when it ended,when it ended their car drove them home then the second day came she met her teacher Mrs.Henry so when they met Ruby got showed to her classroom then they did work,jumping jackes 100 times and so much more so then the next day came and Ruby went by her self she felt lonley, expechly when lunch time came So............. hope u like my adobe spark adout ruby enjoy reading :)


Created with images by Infrogmation - "Ruby Bridges 21 Sept 2010" • Infrogmation - "Ruby Bridges 21 Sept 2010"

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