Cape St Francis Security Proposal FENCE LINE COMPLETION

In the past year Cape St Francis has implemented 9 CCTV cameras in key locations around the town. This project has contributed to a steep decline in incidents. We would like to capitalize on the success of Camera Project and propose the completion of the Air Park Fence Line.

The following image shows the current Air Park Fence Line demarcated by the BLUE Perimeter line (The orange shaded area simply highlights the community of Cape St Francis)

The Proposed Fence line is Highlighted in the following image by a YELLOW Line, which runs from the Western Entrance of the Air Park toward the R33O

The Proposed Fence line is Highlighted in the following image by a YELLOW Line, which runs from the Western Entrance of the Air Park toward the R33O

We have consulted with local security companies and security experts and they have concluded that whilst the exposure to risk can never be completely negated the continuation of Fence Line would indeed be an added benefit to minimizing security incidents in the village.

We met with 4 contractors and discussed the following items to be included in the quote:

  • Must be electric
  • Must provide deterrent for tunneling
  • Must follow the contour of the road to appease Rock Coast Stakeholders
  • Bush clearing can be completed by the Civics
  • Must be compliant with new legislation and must be a legal install with Certification Sign off provided by the company.

The Following Quotes Have Been Received

Quote A

Quote B

Quote C

Quote D

Survey Results

Addressing concerns raised by the community:

  • Fence will impact Wildlife Migration - The Fence does not run the length of the R330 and will not impact any wildlife migration from Rocky Coast Farm into Irma Boyson reserve. The fence runs parallel with the old Tip Road and Air Park West Entrance
  • Concern about the effect of fence on migration of people who come to work - Fence does not change their path at all, it simply creates a funnel point through which people enter. The Fence line would be on Private property.
  • It’s ineffectual if not policed. Damage could be created to gain access - Electric Fence is alarmed, any cut of cable, short in voltage results in an alarm - Security companies will be asked to complete fence line checks periodically throughout the day and night.
  • Funding is reliant on donations - to date we have more than that would be required to comple70% of the required fund
  • Existing cameras can do the same - Existing cameras have mitigated the vehicle associated crime.
  • Stopping bush trails will also take away the character of CSF - Bush trails through Irma Boysen and all other reserves are not impacted by fence
  • Will not keep people out and It is never going to be easy to keep criminals out and Not sure if this is a viable solution, intruders will always find away in - all true statements but is it better to do nothing - if not the fence then what is the solution and who is willing to implement said solution
  • The intention, at the intersection where the fence line meets the R330, is to keep it well lit with CCTV monitoring and a permanent location for security companies to park one of their vehicles.

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