The Only Thing to Fear Cord

Exemplary Evaluator May 4

  1. She is a freelance writer.
  2. Her work has appeared in The Baltimore Sun, Highlights for Children and USAToday.
  3. The Only Thing to Fear is her first Novel.
  4. She says she loves history.
  5. Also enjoys cookies.
  6. Caroline grew up in Washington DC.
  7. Her dog's name is Otto von Bismarck.
  8. She loves to travel to other places.
  9. Her other book is called The Darkest Hour published on 7/26/2016.
  10. Caroline wrote her first story in Second grade.
  11. She is a blogger.
  12. She likes to mess with her DSlR
  13. She calls her baby The Baby Overlord.
  14. She hates pancakes and waffles and any food smothered in Syrup.
  15. She met her husband at 19 years old.
  16. She has a brother and a sister(Ryan and Kristy).
  17. She didn't get asked to the school dance.
  18. Caroline in highschool got to sing at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.
  19. When she was younger she wanted to go to costa Rica and become a sloth wrangler.
  20. Likes to take pictures.
  21. She likes to code and makes her websites.
  22. She would like to go to outer space.
  23. Her favorite Tv Show is "Star Trek: The Next Generation."
  24. She got her inspiration for writing her book by reading the book "The Aquariums of Pyongyang".
  25. Got her idea for making the Characters have superpowers from her childhood love of Superheros. She watch X-Men and was hooked.

Connection Builder May 3

I am going to connect my story to the Dictator of Cuba die-ing. This is similar because in my story the Nazi leader dies and the people change who things are. In Cuba there leader dies and know other people are welcome(such as the US). The same thing happened, a mean leader ruled and dictated everything. But when he dies, everything changes for the better.

Character Captain May 2nd

Literary Luminary April 28

Discussion Director April 26

Adolf Hitler- was the leader of the Nazi's, he started the killing of inosent people such as Jews. Plus he started brainwashing people into believing what he was doing was right.

Kim Jong-Un- He only lets people read certain books and watch certain tv. He makes the rules(like my antagonist).

The Allied forces apply to my protagonist as she was apart of a group that faught back against the Nazi's. The Allied forces used propaganda signs to gain support. Signs said things such as "We want you for the war". They also tried to get the women into the war with signs such as "Women in war, We can't win without them". Now these sign's are powerful messages, but what is you got caught. A slight difference between them is the Nazi's treated them. It was described as hard, but fair. That is a slight difference in my story. But nevertheless it was a scary time.

Exemplary Evaluator April 25

My antagonist is trying to get Zara captured. That way he won't have someone who can destroy his power. Plus he could see all the people trying to capture her and if it worked, that is even better.

Connection Builder April 24

My character and I similar in several different ways. First off, we both have to do things we don't enjoy doing. Now I will say that her situation is far worse than me , but that still is a similarity. We also support things we believe in. Such as freedom and our religious beliefs. So while there isn't a ton of similarities, we do have a few and they connect us.

Character Captain April 21

Literary Luminary April 19

Discussion director April 18

Zara is the main character in the book The Only thing to fear, written by Caroline Richman, this fiction book displays Zara's bravery and her amazing sense to do what is right. In the beginning of the book Zara is sort of a slave for the Nazi's. But this doesn't affect her one bit. She still respects others and wants to do the best that she can. Zara displays her bravery in the end of the story, here are some examples.

Zara wants to join the Alliance, now that doesn't seem like much ,but it is. Joining this group of people is forbidden and this people are killed when captured. Plus she follow on a mission that she wasn't supposed to go on. To me this means that she is also hard headed. Once she gets an idea in her head she isn't going to stop.

Now back to Bravery, I believe this is her finest quality. This is best exhibited by this quote." Not of Zara, Killer of the Fuhrer, The Mischling- the Kami- who had slain the most powerful man in the world." Wow, that is empowering, if that isn't Brave then what is. Zara is a great person and loves to help others. That is why she is a good main character and that is what makes this a good story.

Exemplary Evaluator April 17

I chose this as my theme because in my story the slave like people rebel for freedom against the Nazi leaders and the fight for what they believe is right.

Connection Builder April 13

The Whispering Town and my book The Only Thing to Fear have several similarities that connect them. For starters, in both the Nazi's are controlling people and trying to find the people who defy them. Also both stories have allies. What I mean by that is that in both stories other people help each other so no one gets hurt or killed. Also both main characters have similar traits such as bravery. Both characters show this throughout their stories and that is one reason how they can connect.

April 12 Bio Poem

  1. Zara
  2. Smart, fun, compassionate, and quick thinking
  3. Has no siblings
  4. Enjoys the farm and spending time with her uncle
  5. Who feels strongly about the Alliance
  6. Who needs her uncle to guide her
  7. Who gives hope to others
  8. Who fears defeat
  9. Zara would like to see freedom
  10. She lives in Shenandoah Valley
  11. Zara's last name is St. James

Literary Luminary April 10

  • "We have the right to leave now" P.178 Zara, " I guess you were right, they weren't ready for this mission, and now everyone is gone" P.156 Zara, " when she is older perhaps" P.100, " I don't fear you, or Death" P.71 Mrs. Tally,

Make A Prediction About How Your Novel Will End

Cord Koenig- I think that Zara and Bastian will officially join the alliance and will plan an attack on the Fuhrer. I also think that they will also recruit other people to join their fight. Lastly I think Zara will find a way to release her uncle in the very end of the book.

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