Native American Kids Education By: IVan Narvaez

Every kid deserves their proper education and their parents to support them throughout school. For Native Americans it's tough for them because they have little money, no hope, bad role modes and many other things that contribute to the struggle of a Native Kid to succeed in life.

In the book "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian" it shows how Indians have bad role models for Natives which can cause them to go through the thing others went through. For example on page on Page 16 Rowdy's "father is drinking hard and throwing hard punches, so Rowdy and his mother are always walking around with bruised up faces". Many parents are too violent with their own family and tend to hit them, this can then be passed down to generation after generation hurting Native Kids. An example of Poverty in the schools is when Junior gets angry and says "my school and my tribe are so poor and sad that we have to study from the same dang books our parents studied from". This shows how the Native American schools struggle economically and don't have the money to buy their students new tools. On the Rez "the only thing kids are being taught is how to give up". This is because white people thought that Indians weren't as good as them because they were Indians meaning that they were given little hope and succession in their life

In the article "More schools seeing new curriculum, funding that favor Native Americans" by NEWSELA stated that "More than half of 3- and 4-year-old Native American children are not enrolled in preschool, the report found". Showing that kids weren't put in school when they were supposed to which made it harder for them to learn later in their life in school. Another example of showing that Natives don't get a fair education like others because "The students still have the worst attendance and lowest four-year graduation rate". This shows that kids won't be learning what they need to learn due to the fact that they have little transportation and their parents are busy working all day. Another example that shows Native have a lack of Education is because is that "Native American students struggle more than any other student group to attend school consistently and graduate on time" due to the fact that they have economic difficulties and other problems. Finding well-payed jobs is a cause to why Natives don't succeed as well as others because of all these causes.

On the Article "Obama asks Congress to fund crumbling Native American schools" by NEWSELA it states that "With the larger community's visible neglect all around them, they receive the wrong message about the value of education." At a young age native kids aren't given a proper education and begin to not go to school or see school as something they don't need. As a result this habit can lead to bad jobs and poverty for many Natives that have this mindset. "Fifty-eight buildings are currently listed in poor condition" making it hard for kids to get an education properly and suitably. Schools are under poor conditions making it harder for kids to learn in safety. A "Part of the problem is that there aren't enough staff workers" and without staff workers you can't teach any kids anything or give them an education

Every kid deserves an opportunity to get their education and have their own career no matter what religion they follow or what race they are. Natives struggle to be successful because as kids they don't get a good education and end up suffering from poverty.


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