LID+ International Contact Making Seminar Derry, Northern Ireland, June 8th-11th


‘LID+’ is a year-long a programme of activity that informs, supports, mentors and pro-actively engages young people (including those under the age of 18), young leaders, youth workers and other practitioners (with a remit for young people) from across the UK to become involved in the Erasmus+ Programme in 2017. One of the many activities it is organising is a Contact Making Seminar between European and UK partners.

LID+ supports your potential involvement in the Erasmus+ Programme

Purpose of Contact Making Seminar - CMS

The purpose of the CMS was to bring together experienced and less-experienced (or new) Erasmus+ users together with a view to developing mutually beneficial applications. The Seminar provided an opportunity for Local organisations to engage with their European counterparts and over a ‘2-day intensive’ to ‘churn out’ an E+ application which they will then submit to the UK NA.

Local organisations met their European counterparts in a ‘2-day intensive’ CMS

Local organisations in Northern Ireland (whilst historically outperforming their UK counterparts per head of population) do not apply in numbers to the Erasmus+ programme. Only a small number of groups have consistently applied over the years. Many reasons for not applying include lack of experience, lack of capacity, not enough time, lack of support from management, not knowing enough about the programme, etc.

This seminar created space and time for local organisations to meet with their European neighbours and with their expertise.

This seminar created an opportunity for local organisations to meet with their (traditionally) more experienced European neighbours and knowledge of the programme support local organisations to ‘work up’ an application helping to them move from idea (or proposal) to (as near as possible) submission-ready application.

Ten local and ten overseas partners were ‘in the room’ with 8 applications emerging as a result. All partners had the opportunity to be a partner in all proposals but two representatives ‘teamed up’ and worked together closely over the duration of the CMS although there was also time for all participants to ‘connect’ during the programme.

"It was great to be part of this experience. So good to involve newcomers on Erasmus Plus and to support them in putting amazing ideas in a structure of a project. And to learn more about the local reality and the wonderful work that each one does. Lovely. Thank you all for this experience." Sérgio Gonçalves‎, Ha Moment, Portugal

“The LID+ Contact Making Seminar was a good opportunity to meet potential partners from Northern Ireland, who work directly on the field and develop a valuable work with youngsters and communities. The process was well defined and well facilitated and allowed the best possible usage of time in order to take concrete steps into developing common international projects.” Anita Silva, TEAM MAIS, Portugal

“80% of the goals fulfilled in terms of quantity and 140% in terms of quality”

Dominik Ringler, Der Jugendring, Germany

"We had around the room a lot of expertise and commitment to engage veterans and new comers to Erasmus+ in new projects to be developed together and submitted by Norther Ireland organisations. The number and quality of the project ideas is high, considering the time being, the obstacles for Northern Ireland practitioners to engage in projects (basically low or none knowledge of the Programme) seems overcome and we, international partners, got a precious insight of social and youth realities of Northern Ireland. Thank you for this!" Davide Tonon, Nexes, Spain

The Seminar also offered an opportunity for European partners to ‘exhibit’ their own methodologies, i.e., best practice so as to offer a flavour of ‘life beyond the UK’ (in order to impress upon local pax the value and benefits of engaging with non-UK practitioners).
The process is supported by representation from Inside Out’s Network of International partners (a network of contacts that it has worked with over the years) who maked themselves available ‘in person’ to offer invaluable advice, knowledge, experience and expertise not readily available in the UK and in doing so help to address issues of capacity.
Of the 7 partners funded by the EC under the Promoting Erasmus+ in the UK's initiative, we are the only partner hosting a Contact Making Seminar of this kind so it really was a special and unique one-off.
Group photo of "locals" and "internationals"
"The LID+ residential was a fantastic opportunity to meet Erasmus+ experts and to make local connections for future partnership working. The intensive sessions enabled us to get an application completed nearly to submission readiness. In addition to the planned Erasmus+ project, we have also begun to plan a few additional partnership projects, both locally and internationally and these are very likely to attract external funding, so the reach of the project has been even greater than anticipated." Kat Healy, Social Justice Trust
"Absolutely amazing few days working with the international experts and local youth organisations. No wonder ideas and projects developed when you mix a motivated group like that!" Heather Mc Laughlin, EuroDesk
"Had a very productive and inspiring 2 days at the Lid+ Conference. Thanks for the invite Fergal. Exciting times ahead, new projects, new partners with amazing people I can call friends. Safe travel home to everyone until we meet again." Gavin Deeney, Education Authority
"Definitely a worthwhile weekend. Really enjoyed meeting all our new international friends. The start of something big for our young people." Michelle Friel

International partners and representatives

Semper Avanti | Anna Skocz

Team MAIS | Dr. Ana Silva

Nexses | Davide Tonon

Der Jugendring | Dominik Ringler

Active Youths of Florina | Eftychia Rompapa

NiTiN | Goncalo Guerreiro

Ha moment | Sérgio Gonçalves

Future Voices Ireland | John Delap

APIS Institute | Romana Zajec

Municipality of Lepoglava | Hrovje Kovac

Local partners and representatives

ASCERT | Ursula Coll

Education Authority | Gavin Deeney

The Rural Centre | Heather McLaughlin-Nixon

Inter Ethnic Forum | Ivy Goddard

Foyle Race Equality Forum (FREF) and Migrant Centre NI (MCNI) | Kat Healy

The Playhouse Theatre & Art Centre | Max Beer

Drumsurn Community Association | Michelle Friel

Time2Choose | John Donnelly

The Education Authority | John Davis

The Women’s Support Network (WSN) | Karen Sweeney

The Inside Out Programme, based in N Ireland is one of only seven project funded by the EU Commission in the UK that is tasked with promoting the Erasmus+ programme. ‘LID+’ offers a free bespoke service that aims to increase participation in EU Mobility activities over the coming year.
LID+’ is a year-long programme of free services and events that Lid+will promote, inform and provide access to, not to mention support your potential involvement in the Erasmus+ Programme.

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