PANDA Joshua I. Bonifaz

Born July 1998

I'm Josh and I was born in Boston. My parents came to America separately at a young age from Guatemala with the opportunity to form a better life, and they met in Boston later in their lives. My mother and father raised four children: My oldest sister Cindy, five years later my brother Alan, then I was born ten years after that, and finally my sister Raisa four years after me. Cindy became a social worker before getting her business degree with dreams of being her own boss. Alan went off to the military and is now a veteran that is returning to college to get his bachelors in business. I'm off to study art in college to get a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a desire to explore religion and science to the fullest extent of my comprihention. Raisa is in high school as a freshman class of 2020 with no idea what she wants to study in college yet

That Big Purple House, 2017

From Boston we moved to Lynn in 2008, where we took what was previously white and turned it into "The Big Purple House" that everyone in Lynn began to pay attention too and became part of the talk around the city. We got a lot of publicity because of the color not to mention my mother sold AMAZING pinatas.

The women who taught me there's magic in life. My Grandmother.

When I was younger, I traveled with my mother between the US and Guatemala. It gave me an opportunity to form a relationship with my family and my history. I was able to learn the secrets of my culture, my family, and myself. And now I can carry on a fuller story. Once school started, I spent more time in the US and less time traveling. I developed a longing to experiencing a real change, the connection and adventure that comes with traveling to another culture.

Art was everywhere.

As I grew up I saw art cover the world starting with our ancient ancestors. Being observant gave me the ability to pay attention to details through history, taking into account all other factors that play a role in the development of civilization such as religion, science, math, and philosophy which contributed to our collected understatement today. I noticed how art translated information for both educational and entertainment reasons, but I also noticed how it can be used to guild the viewer to think a certain way: be it pleasuring, or be it upsetting.

So I contributed.

A class on Introduction to Painting, Lesley University 2016

During high school, teachers placed a lot of pressure on me “to succeed” academically which resulted in depression and anxiety. Life got harder to power through, but I turned to art as a form of therapy and it gave me a way of expressing more of my emotion and vision of the world and myself with a variety of new method that I pick up.

Polarity, 2016
My world, 2015

Art started with our ancient ancestors who painted on cave walls using a dirt or charcoal mix. Art has evolved with many of the major civilizations through the world. Art covers every corner of the world and being observant allowed me to pay attention to the details hidden in history, taking into account the varying factors that play a role in the development of our collective civilization. These factors are: religion and science and they paved many roads for the left and right brain to explore. Because art is used to translate messages and emotions both for educational and entertainment, I became fascinated by this art language and dove into this unbelievable world.

Wild Flower, 2013

I made it!

In the simplest way putting it: I'm making something of myself. Through the last four year of my life I've been on TV, the news paper quite a bit, painted murals for public and private areas. My name is not easy to forget, teachers from elementary school, middle school, and collage representatives remember me for my art and expression.

Kaitlin and I

Few staff like Kaitlin where fortunate enough to sneak through my walls that I've build in backlash to my school. Kaitlin and a selected few understood my mentality and worked with it, rather than other's that attempt to rewire, but in the end I earned a large sum of money to go to a promising collage to study a universal language, while staying honest and pure to who I am. What gave me the most satisfaction is receiving a letter from Mass Art explaining house I didn't reach their academic requirements of a 3.0 GPA but they loved my art so much that they offered me a spot the following year as a transfer student. I've been told that Mass Art is an Amazing top school, but I only wanted the acceptance letter. And I got it.

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