Ireland's Rivers ,Mountains and Rocks.

These are all pictures of the river Shannon. The Shannon is the longest river in Ireland, it is 360 kilometers in total and flows into the Atlantic Ocean.
Here is the location of the river Shannon on a map of Ireland. The Shannon divides the west of Ireland (the Connaught region) from the east and south (Leinster and most of Munster).The river represents a major physical barrier between east and west.
Here are pictures of more rivers in Ireland. ( 1 )- The river Corrib flows through Galway. ( 2 )- The river Liffey (one of the most well known in Ireland) flows through Dublin and Kildare. ( 3 )- The river Nore one of the three sisters flows through the south-east of Ireland.
These are all pictures of the mountain Carrauntoohil. Carrauntoohil is the highest mountain in Ireland, it is located in county Kerry. It is 1,038 meters in height.
Here are pictures of some of the well known mountains in Ireland. The first picture is of the Galtee mountains in county Limerick and Tipperary, the sedimentary rock sandstone is contained in these mountains. The second picture is of the Great Sugar Loaf peaks in county Wicklow , the metamorphic rock quartzite can be found in these mountains. The final picture is of the McGillycuddy reeks in county Kerry, where the igneous rock granite can be found.
These pictures are of some other famous geographical landmarks of Ireland and where many of Ireland's well known rocks can be found. Picture 1 is of the Giants Causeway in county Antrim, the rock basalt can be found here. Picture 2 is of the Antrim Plateau in county Antrim, the rock basalt can also be found here. Picture 3 is of the Burren in county Clare , the majority of Ireland's Limestone can be found here.


Created with images by Talisien - "fjord water clouds" • kthypryn - "along the river" • kthypryn - "along the river" • Bob Linsdell - "River Corrib and The Long Walk, Galway (506279)" • eutrophication&hypoxia - "River Liffey, Dublin, Ireland" • IrishFireside - "Kilkenny Castle and the River Nore from Wind Gap" • Godo-Godaj - "Carrauntoohil Mountain- Kerry-Ireland" • ritesh3 - "Carrauntoohil, Killarney" • ritesh3 - "Carrauntoohil, Killarney" • FiDuggan - "103_0301" • Robert Burrell Donkin - "Great Sugar Loaf" • Godo-Godaj - "Carrauntoohil by O'Sheas Gully" • Anosmia - "Giant’s Causeway" • tsiubiu - "Binevenagh, Antrim Plateau" • Perica_000 - "The Burren/travertine"

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