Financial Literacy


To invest properly it is important to diversify your money. This means you must invest your money in different ways. For example the Stock market a savings account and a mutual fund are different ways to invest your money. There are also corporate and government bonds. The stock market pays the highest interest rate and therefore makes the most money if you invest in the right stocks. However if you would like the safest way to invest get an insured savings account so that you can't lose your money up to $250,000 while earning a small amount of interest. The greater the risk the higher the interest. That is why the stock market has the highest interest.

Car insurance

Your car insurance pays for more than just damage done to your car. For example Bodily injury pays for damage done to people when you are at fault for the accident. Property damage pays for damage done to someone else's property(s) payed for by the driver who is at fault. Medical payments pay for damage done to anyone inside your car. Collision pays for damage done to your car if you are not at fault. Comprehensive covers damage done by weather, vandalism, or acts of God.

Consumer Rights

As a consumer you have seven rights. These rights are as follows. The right to safety. This means you have the right to be protected from unsafe products that could harm you. The right to be informed means you have the right to know certain facts about the goods you buy. This protects you from false advertising as best it can. You have the right to choose between different products so you have a variety of options to buy. You have the right to be heard by your government about issues. However you must use this right for it to help you. You have the right to redress which means you have the right to quick correction if something goes wrong. You have the right to a Consumer education that informs you about being a consumer and what to do. You also have the right to service. However you should reward good service with tips and such.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is when someone steals your Identity. To prevent this from happening you should keep personal documents safe and locked away. You should make sure you have a strong password on your computer and other devices. Never share your personal information online or not in person. Make sure you only use trusted secured websites. Shred documents with financial information even if you are throwing them away. If you ID is stolen contact the police, cancel credit cards and notify banks, and call credit reporting websites and tell them to put an alert on your report.

Deceptive advertising

There are four main types of deceptive advertising. The first type is known as the bait and switch. This is when you advertise a cheap price but try to make you switch products. The next type of false advertising is when company's offer free gifts. These gifts are the crappy toys in cereal boxes or the flashlight that doesn't that comes in almost every infomercial product ever. Another type is deceptive pricing. This is when their is a sale going on and you think you're saving money but they jacked up the price then put it on sale making it the same price. The final type is known as the hidden catch. This is when there is an attractive offer but there is a catch you didn't know of.


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