LOVE= by Kelsey Mikkelsen

I had the honor of sitting in on group therapy session by John Donavan

Group demo, 7 young men ages 18-30

They're a close-knit group. Seem to want to be there in they way there's no where they'd rather be. This is important work. I'm amazed at the level of honesty and vulnerability in the room.

Today's session, from the original curriculum, Intentional Living by Jon Donavan,

What is LOVE?

This is the kind of question you may be confronted with during a unique modality of group therapy by Jon Donavan Counseling. Self-reflection on what is love introduces the lesson from their original curriculum on Intentional Living. Those who know, refer to it as simply "Love Equals."

The exercise consists of discovering each own's process and how you, personally manifest love. Exploration of love based on deeper, sub-conscious interpretation of it to answer the question, What is Love. The personal answer to the equation is revealed. The process is as much a revelation as the answer. Readiness to change through self-awareness is what takes place in the individual. And a seed is planted for a life with intention.

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