Saturn just got ringed By: KaitlyN s. medlin

Cool rings huh?
Saturn's Rings

Saturn has 7 ring groups and maybe more than that and all of these groups are made of thousands of millions of small minerals that come from space. These minerals are made from what we call comets. Comets are very large rocks floating in space.

Gas giant? Rocky planet? Which one?
Is Saturn A GAS GIANT Or A Small Rocky Planet?

Saturn is a gas giant because Saturn is a large planet that is made with mostly gas and not much rock that is why Saturn Is a part of the group gas giants.

What is a revolution and a rotation?
What Is A Revolution And A Rotation? And How Long Does It Take?

A revolution is a orbit and a orbit is when a planet takes a full spin around the sun and is back where they started to do another orbit. A rotation is when the planet spins around in circles and circles and circles while it is orbiting around the sun. It takes Saturn a total of 29.4 years to take a full revolution. It takes Saturn 11 Earth hours to take a full rotation.

How many moons does Saturn have?
How Many Moons Does Saturn Have?

How many

rings does Saturn have, well Saturn has 56 rings in total. Scientists name the rings in groups they are called group A group B and group C. How many rings do you think Saturn has?

How far away is the sun from Saturn?

How Far is Saturn From the Sun?

How far is Saturn from the Sun? Saturn is 888.2 million miles away from the Sun. Saturn has to stay in it`s position while it is rotating and revolving around the Sun.

How big is Saturn?

How Big Is Saturn?

Saturn is a total of 38,184 miles wide, so Saturn is really big in size.

Fun facts

Fun facts about Saturn 🌌

Two fun facts about Saturn are that Saturn is actually named after a god named Saturnus. Another fun fact about Saturn is that Saturn's rings are made of very little minerals that are floating in space freely.


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