Managing in the Health and Fitness Industry seminar three

In this weeks lecture we have discussed factors that have influenced the growth of the health and fitness industry and the success of government campaigns.

There have been many different government campaigns aimed at increasing the level of physical activity in the country. There are many benefits of being active and the Chief Medical Officer recommends exercising for 30 minutes a day, five times per week.

There are many other influences such as sport in schools, national governing bodies and initiatives such as Change4life to help encourage people to lead active, healthy lives.

There are two tasks for this weeks seminar. In task 1 you are to research a government initiative aimed at increasing health and physical activity levels in the U.K. For example, you could chose to research Change4life or the School Games ran by the Youth Sports Trust. You are to focus your research on the following questions:

  • Evaluate the importance of the initiative to the development and growth of the health and fitness industry.
  • How would it affect participation, facilities and health and fitness providers?
  • Discuss how private health and fitness providers could benefit from such initiatives.

For the second part of the seminar You are to identify and elaborate on 3 specific factors that you feel have influenced the growth of the health and fitness industry in no more than 500 words. You must find specific background evidence to support your points.

You could discuss factors such as government campaigns, media pressure, health education, peer pressure, access and affordability, disposable income, consolidation of the health and fitness industry or the effects of the recession.

Please submit your answers to both activities on the turnitin link in week 3 of the module on the Learnzone page.


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