The Other Wes Moore One Name, Two Fates

By Tristan, Francine, Kaylee, Yuzuka and Alexa

Overview of the Book

The Other Wes Moore is about 2 men both named Wes Moore that grew up in the same inner city. One of the Wes Moores is serving life in prison and the other is a scholar of sorts.

Author Wes Moore (left) and the "Other" Wes Moore (right)

About the Characters

The author Wes Moore is a major, round, and dynamic character that was in the streets selling drugs at a young age for money. Eventually he was sent to military school and became a certified paratrooper.

The other Wes Moore is a major, static, and flat character that was in the streets selling drugs, got girls pregnant and is now serving life in prison.

About the Setting

Set in the inner city Bronx in the late 1990s and early 2000s.The impact the setting playsis it helps you better understand the book

Setting affecting characters- Yes it can affect the characters because for example if you live in a not the best area it could make you do thing you shouldn’t do. Our claim is that setting is important


Visual Interpretation of "Talk to the hand"

Wes Moore (author): The conflict was Wes Moore's father died when he was really but little and he saw his father die right in front of him. I felt like it was hard for Wes Moore to grow up without a father figure. Another conflict that happen to Wes Moore is he started to do bad in school and would get in trouble at school. His mom founded out and send him to military school.

The Other Wes Moore: The conflict is The Other Wes Moore drug business has affected his life because he has had multiple children with other women. He went to jail. He went to a convention to get a new job and to change his life for the better.

Author's Purpose

The author's purpose was to inform the readers how the two main character's bad decisions affected their lives but one of them was put on rails at an earlier age, hence his better outcome, on the other hand one takes the wrong path and regrets his decision for the rest of his life

General Key Scenes/Plot Points

  • When Wes’s father dies. -
  • The author included this scene because his father was a big part of his and his family, making it a confusing time for Wes
  • When someone called him “n word” and Wes hit that guy -
  • The author included this scene because Wes couldn’t stay there and
  • When the other Wes gets jail time from possession of illegal narcotics. -
  • The author included this scene because it was a significant turning point in the other Wes’s life that was huge for himself and his kids that he had as a young age.

Style and Tone

Generally very serious and focused on telling the tales of the two main characters.

Examples: Not using comedic wording or slapstick humour in the book.

Author’s craft: Quoting words.

Example: ...a “don’t ask, don’t tell” pact.

Analyze: He used this technique because he wanted that part to stand up from the pile of words.

Quote Summarizing the Book's Theme

Connections to the Book and Text

1) My connection to the text is that Wes Moore and I both struggled with grades and making a good future for ourselves. I am struggling with school right now and very stressed out about it just like Wes. Wes wanted to be a good kid and show his mom his work to make him proud but wes’s mother just felt that he needed help with his grades. Wes’s mother was concerned about Wes’s well being and ended sending him to military school to become a better person.

2) My connection to the book is that Wes Moore was protecting his sister from mean girls and I protect my sister as well. Whenever I see someone picking on my little sister I always come in to make them stop because it’s not okay to just watch them do that.

3) My connection in this book is how Wes Moore struggle with grades and was stress to get his grades up. Sometimes when I had a low grade, I would always have stress to get that grade up.

4) My connection to this book is how Wes Moore moved to a lot of places and handling that stress of new environment. You have to learn about new people, get used to new rules and making new friends are only few of the things that we have to handle.


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