The Deep Ocean And it's life

So we know about the ocean and it's surface, but do we really know about the deepest part of the ocean?

The answer to that is no. We don't know much about the deepest part of the ocean, but we do have scientist going out of their way to explore it.

This is a kind of jelly fish that is found in the deep ocean.

Scientist have found that the deepest part of the ocean has not light what so ever. The sun never hits a single part of it. So how do creatures survive without light?

They have also found that the temperatures of the water down there is freezing or below freezing. Due to lack of light. That brings us back to the same old question, how do things survive down there?

We now know that despite this lack of light, many creatures can live in this extreme place, such as: microorganisms, deep sea corals, fish, and many other bizarre creatures.

Some of these creatures look weird to us. Some are clear, big eyes, claws, pointy teeth, or massive jaws that can expand out of their mouths just to get a bite.

Viper fish usually stay near the top of the deep ocean.

More than half of the deep ocean is unexplored due to the darkness. It is pitch black down there and they have to use special technologies to find creatures and many other things.

This is The ROV

One of their special technologies is called a ROV's (remotely operated vehicles) they also have HOV's (human occupied vehicles)

The layers of the ocean

Scientist have even found that some creatures down there have lived for decades and or even centuries.

Grenadier fish are found on the bottom floor of the ocean.


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