Manifest Destiny Pages 345-367

Rivalry in the Northwest

  • Rivalry in the Northwest the rivalry in the Northwest was over an area that comprises of 260,000 square miles.
  • The Northwest territory was made up of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and a part of Minnesota.

Adams-Onis Treaty

  • Fun fact about the Adams-Onis treaty it was called the Transcontinental Treaty.
  • The name comes from John Quincy Adams and Luis de Onis the two people who made the treaty.

Mountain Men in Oregon

  • Fur traders had been the first Americans to take up the challenge of living in the Oregon Country.
  • These tough, independent men spent most of their time in the Rocky Mountains and were known as mountain men.
  • With their knowledge of the western lands, several mountain men, such as Jim Bridger and Kit Carson, found work as guides.
What did America gains from the Adams-Onis Treaty?

Land that helped stretch our border into Oregon.

Oregon and Manifest Destiny- Marcus and Narcissa Whitman.

  • Economic troubles in the East and reports of Oregon's fertile land drew many people.
  • They were missionaries who went to Oregon in 1836 and built a mission among the Cayuse people near the present site of Walla Walla, Washington.
  • The Cayuse blamed the Whitmans. They attacked the mission in November 1847 and killed the Whitmans and 11 others.

Along the Oregon trail.

  • The Whitman massacre was a shocking event, but it did little to stop the flood of pioneers on their way to Oregon.
  • Drawn by reports of fertile Oregon land, and driven by economic hard times in the East, many Americans took to the trail. Which is where they got the idea for the oregon trail.
  • Tens of thousands more would follow in the years ahead. Before the difficult 2,000-mile (3,219 km) journey, these pioneers packed all their belongings.

America seeks its Manifest Destiny.

  • In 1819 John Quincy Adams expressed what many Americans were thinking when he said expansion to the Pacific was as certain as the Mississippi River flowing to the sea.
  • In the 1840's, New York newspaper editor John O'Sullivan expressed in more specific words the idea of a national mission.
  • O'Sullivan meant that the United States was clearly destined—set apart for a special purpose—by God to extend its boundaries all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

Fifty-four forty or fight

  • In the 1844 presidential election, James K. Polk, the Democratic nominee, supported this desire.
  • Democrats used the slogan "Fifty-Four Forty or Fight," referring to the line of latitude they believed should be the nation's northern border in Oregon.
  • A firm believer in Manifest Destiny, Polk was focused on acquiring Oregon.

Statehood for Florida and Texas

  • When Spain transferred Florida to the United States on July 17, 1821, Florida became an American territory.
  • Under the terms of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, Florida had an appointed territorial governor, a territorial legislature, and a nonvoting delegate to the United States Congress.
  • Many planters from Virginia, Georgia, and the Carolinas had worn out their soil with years of heavy use.

The territory grows

  • In 1837 the census for the territory of Florida reported that 48,000 people lived there.
  • Officials organized a vote to determine if Floridians wanted to form a state.

Statehood for Florida

  • Florida became the twenty-seventh state in the United States on March 3, 1845.


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