Spanish-American War Isatu Deen

The Spanish American War started in July 1898, when the United States took control of Hawaii islands the war was between the United States and Spain over the Cuban war for independence ( Foner text, 531).

why the war started, the Spanish America War began due to the United States public support for Cuban independence, and the triggering event of the mysterious explosion/accident of February 15, 1898 that destroyed the American battleship Main in Havana Harbor costing 270 lives ( Foner text, 531).

The event of February 15, 1898 led president Mckinley in April to appeal to congress to declare war against Cuban ( Foner text 531).

secretary of state John Hay referred to the Spanish American war a " splendid little war" the war lasted for four months over 400 Americans soldiers dies ( Foner text 532).

The most active war took place in Manila bay a strategic harbor in the Philippine islands in the distant pacific ocean ( Foner text 532).

the biggest battle took place in San Juan Hill, outside Santiago by Theodore Roosevelt Rough Riders, he believe that war would reinvigorate the nation's unity and sense of manhood. In 1890s Theodore Roosevelt quit his post as assistant secretary of the navy. he later became governor of New York in the fall of 1900 ( Foner text 532-3).

The treaty with Spain ended the war U.S acquire the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and the Pacific Island Guam, McKinley forced the island's new government to approve the Platt Amendment the new Cuba constitution. by senator Orville H. Platt of Connecticut ( Foner text 533).

This allowed Cuba to be under the protection of the United states, after the Spanish American war United States secretary of state John Hay announced the Open Door Policy. This grant equal access to China to exports in America but only goods and money not people. ( Foner text 534).

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