I'm ugly TestIng this out

As you can tell, my hair is nice, but done in an ugly way to match my face

This is me being ugly in Yellowstone

This was at a sulphuric spring in Yellowstone national park, you would think my face is from the smell, but I'm just ugly

This was at blaze pizza in Rapid City, boy do I love pizza! It never tells me how ugly I am heart emoji

This is how ugly I was when I was deployed, good times being ugly in Kuwait!

This is me in a port a potty, birds of a feather flock together!

This is me on terry peak! People can't tell how ugly you are when you wear goggles and a face mask! Cheers!

This is in the badlands, because I'm ugly i belong here

This is nicki Minaj before she died her hair and without makeup, and then there's my mom. Love

This is when they trapped me in a Christmas present to hide my ugliness from the children in the burn victims unit at the hospital, talk about double standards

This is after getting drunk with my friend so she would think I was less ugly, but she still knew. We never kissed :/

This is a scar I received from an old woman that thought I was a troll trying to steal her soul, half full bed pans sure leave a mark!

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James Miller

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