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Background/Family info

Shel Silverstein was born in Chicago in 1930 where he had stayed until 2950 where he goes and enlist in the army where he serves in Korea and japan. During the time he is also writing and singing where he goes on to write song for Johnny cash and Loretta Lynn. Shel also spent time writing for magazines where he was at one point getting hit cartoon characters into sports illustrated. Silverstein towards the end of his career was able to write books for playboy and also wrote a couple books of his own with poetry in it.

What kind of poetry SHEL S. wrote

Shel Siverstein is mainly known for his poetry for kids he had released three books Where the sidewalk ends, The giving tree, A light in the attic. Shel is known for his poetry to be more like Dr.Seuss in the rhyming way. Silverstein got a lot of his ideas from his songs that he had written or his long hours on the battle field where his mind would just wonder.

Influences on his writing

one of the big influences on Shel's life is when his friend Tom had took him to see one of his friends to help convince Shel that he could actually write children poems which is where his best seller came from is the giving tree was written for children.

Read aloud poems!

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