Electromagnetic Spectrum Bethany Tuchardt

Wavelength and Frequency

When the Wavelength is higher, the frequency is lower. The relationship is a reverse order.

Every wave has its own length and frequency.

Ultraviolet:Just shorter than wavelength than visible light waves. These waves help produce vitamin D. Radio: The longest waves on the electromagnetic spectrum and the shortest frequency. They include broadcast waves and have the lease amount of energy. Microwaves:The shortest waves and the highest frequency. These are used to cook and talk over cell pones. Infrared: Shorter waves than radio waves. These waves provide power in machines like toasters. Visible Light: Shorter waves and higher frequency than infrared waves. This is the only light humans can see. X-rays: Waves are just shorter than ultraviolet. They carry more energy. They are used to see inside the body. Gamma: The shortest wavelengths and highest frequency.Most amount of energy. These are used to destroy cancer cells.

Waves are used in our everyday life. They are always around us in the air and the objects we touch. We use them for electronics and depend on them for everyday use.


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