4-H By: Lauren

Their are many different 4-H clubs in Dickinson County. Such as, Fragrant Hilltoppers, Abilene Challengers, Navarre Boosters, Holland Sunflowers, and Mt. Ayr Go Getters. The 4-H emblem is the four leaf clover for the four H's Head, Hands, Heart, Health. Of course, there are many other county's and clubs in Kansas, and states in the United States. This is the topic I've chosen. Enjoy!

Fair and Projects

Some of the projects you can take to fair are Foods, Crafts, Fine Arts, Rocketry, Photography, Woodworking, Horticulture. The animal projects are Beef, Bucket Calf, Rabbit, Cat, Dog, Horse, Swine, Poultry. You can pick what projects your in.

Club Meetings

If you are in 4-H you know about the officers of every club. If you are not then let me tell you them. There is the President, Secretary, the club leader, and the Vice President that run the meetings. There are the Treasurer that keeps the balance that the club has in their account. They also pay the bills, sign the checks, and tell the club what the balance is at every meeting.

Every year you will have a meeting called a Model Meeting. Which is a competition between all the clubs in your county. If you get Top Purple (or first place) then you move on up to state and then on. You normally have three different motions you go through. Your meeting is the same just your being judged.

Then, there is the Reporter who takes notes at every meeting and types them up. They need to know how many people are at the meeting. Also all the reports that the other officers and leaders say. They need to know who says what, and what happens EVERY meeting. Then once its typed up you proof read it, and e-mail it to the newspaper to be published.

There is the Song leader which has a song picked out for every meeting. There is the Recreation leader that after the meeting they have a game that the members play. Every office has a Junior officer except for the leader. The Junior leaders are normally the younger members to help them learn how to be apart of the meetings. Once the year is up you vote for new people to do new jobs, or stay the same. It doesn't matter who gets what.

At the beginning of EVERY meeting you say the 4-H Pledge "I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, and my health to better living. For my club, my community, country, and my world."and the Pledge of Allegiance. When that is done you go through the rest of the meeting. And when its over then you have refreshments and recreation.

You have meetings every month and one of them is Juniors meeting where the Junior leaders run the meeting. There is also, the parents meeting where the parents of the officers run it. You have party's, achievement nights, and obviously fair. I really hope you've enjoyed this. I also hope that you have learned something from it.


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