Making a needed difference Annual look at our values: Welcome, Diversity, and Community & Annual Campaign for The Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion

A different kind of year, a different kind of campaign.

Every year at Holy Communion, we take some time to talk about our values: Welcome, Diversity, and Community. We take some time to assess where we are, and where we are going.

We know that this has been a difficult year. Holy Communion has been there. We've found ways to continue to pray together, to worship together, and to make a difference.

We are asking the congregation three questions:

  • What has Holy Communion meant to you over the past few months?
  • What are your hopes for Holy Communion in the months ahead?
  • Can you help us make a needed difference?

This is also the time when we ask folks to make a financial commitment to the church. As a community, this is a time to care for one another. If you can't give as much as you would like to this year, please reach out to the clergy or a member of the vestry. Know that your church is here for you. The virus has had an uneven impact. We know some folks have the capacity to help "make up the difference," to help keep Holy Communion strong as we reach out to serve.


Even as we have primarily been meeting online, we have welcomed folks into the life of our parish. New folks have signed up to be part of our online classes and groups. People are looking for a church that is willing to welcome everyone.

  • Our average Sunday attendance online is about 2x what it was in person.
  • Our social media "likes" and email lists have also almost doubled.

What Holy Communion's "welcome" meant to you?

What are your hopes for Holy Communion's welcome in the months ahead?

Can you help us make a needed difference?


At Holy Communion we have made a commitment to being "Beloved Community," the practical image of the world we, as Christians, pray for when we say, “thy kingdom come, they will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” We are grateful for the diversity of our congregation. And we are committed:

What has Holy Communion's commitment to diversity meant to you?

What are your hopes for this diverse church in the months ahead?

Can you help us make a needed difference?


Traditionally we have understood our value of "Community" to have two dimensions: inside and outside our walls. This year that distinction broke down as the coronavirus forced us out of our buildings. Still we found ways to worship. Our average Sunday attendance has nearly doubled in the online environment. And we have begun experimenting with outdoor worship. 90 folks came to our first drive-in service.

  • We have made over 350 phone calls to check in on folks during the pandemic. Those calls helped us identify folks in need and stay connected.
  • We have helped keep folks housed and even in one case helped a vulnerable community member find new housing.
  • We have helped people stay fed, through our meal-trains, and our food ministry.

What has it meant to you to be part of this community?

What are your hopes for our church community in the months ahead?

Can you help us make a needed difference?


This year we have also had to pivot our usual outreach and justice work.

  • Laundry Love provided quarters throughout the pandemic, and now provides masks, detergent and a community connection just outside the laundromat so folks can still get their clothes washed.

We've also sustained our partnership with Cristosal, to fight for human rights in El Salvador even in the midst of the pandemic.

  • Grace Gathering, our planned new service celebrating diverse abilities, hoped launch in person this Fall. The Rev. Laurie Anzilotti and the Grace Gathering team have pivoted and launched preview worship online, even as they continue to build community with families and individuals with neurological and physical differences and service providers who resource this community..
  • We re-launched out community garden and have provided over 45 pounds of produce to our partners at Trinity Food ministries. We've sustained our commitment to the feeding program, and have worked to safely provide meals.

What are your hopes for how Holy Communion will engage the community in the months ahead?

What has Holy Communion's commitment to the wider community meant to you?

Can you help us make a needed difference?

We know this is a time when our city, our nation, our world needs Holy Communion. We invite you to give to make a difference. Make an investment in our shared work, to build welcoming and diverse community, to seek and serve Christ in all people. Join us and commit to building our capacity to make the difference we so desperately need.

Stewardship Committee


Fran Caradonna and Peter Tchoukaleff


Brian Barnhart, Donna Baudendistal, Scott Ferguson, Susan Norris, Jean Parker, The Rev. Marc Smith


Shirley Mensah, Senior Warden

Susan Norris, Junior Warden

Brian Barnhart, Treasurer

Pat Redington, Secretary

Sherifa Bethune, Warren Davis, Rudy Nickens, Megan Ondr


Photos copyright, the Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion.