A.D. Notes ASOY Athletics - Volume 1 (SEPTEMBER 2019)

From Coach Edgar athleticsdirector@asoy.org (AD, MYP PE and ASA Coordinator)

What a week, what a month, what a season it's been

(so far! ;-)

Some exciting volleyball wins this week and last - the Boys (Varsity Volleyball) pulling it together to claw their way back into the game against Messa school in their first home game (what seems like a month ago;-) and the Girls showing true grit in the face of adversity, regrouping to produce some outstanding plays and truly thrilling rallies facing a mixed team of club players from around the city. It was a spirited showing, with our fans (and mascot!) fully animated and charged. Last week our MS Soccer girls played a strong match against Polyvalent, a seemingly older team, and experienced what the MS Soccer boys faced some days before (vs Embassy): some great scoring opportunities, a few which were capitalised on masterfully, and just a few defensive lapses, resulting in close losses. Speaking of close games, what a game for our bball die-hards this weekend in our exhibition match against Fustal (the French School), and earlier in the week, the Volleyball Girls played an epic 3rd set to win 15-12 against La Cite who fielded an excellent and competitive team. For their part, the Vball Boys made short shrift, but not without errors of their own, of a smaller La Cite team, who have promised to come back in force for Oct 26th when we hold our CISAL Volleyball here at ASOY, hosting teams from Messa, La Cite, Genius and RFIS - still looking for a 6th as ACD is on vacay at this time.

VB Girls in action vs La Cite

A great start though, for what will go down as a successful dress rehearsal for WAISAL - yes, it is all about hosting WAISAL BBall this year, where we will be billeting players and coaches from Senegal, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Mali, Nigeria (x2) and possibly one or two other West African countries in the international school league. But, not before CISAL @ ASOY for our HS Volleyball and MS Soccer student athletes, who have shown such dedication and balance in their gruelling practice schedules, not to mention poise and confidence in their various and numerous matches. Best of luck to our Volleyball Parrots as they embark on their first Away Games this week, heading into this Saturday's tourney at Rainforest, a rivalry worthy of the great commitment our weekend warriors will have to make to get there in time for the coin toss at 8am! Thanks to our coaches for their passion in igniting the spark of ingenuity in all of our most worthy sportsmen (did I mention Shaan's game-ending 3 pointer on Saturday?) and sportswomen (see pics above!)

ASOY ATHLETICS: Upcoming events:

Sept 23 MS Boys vs Polyvalent (@ASOY)

Sept 24th HS Volleyball away game (Boys') vs Genius

Sept 25th HS Volleyball home game (Girls') vs Genius

Sept 28th Rainforest International School Volleyball tournament

Oct 1st Girls' MS Soccer vs LBA

Oct 5th HS Volleyball vs ACD, RFIS and ENKO (away)

Volleyball Tournament ACD Douala Oct 12 (Girls only - TBD)

Oct 15 MS Boys' Soccer vs LBA @ASOY

Oct 16 HS Girls' Volleyball vs Biyem-Assi @ASOY (Boys at Stadium)

Oct 19th Boys MS Soccer game at RFIS

Oct 26th CISAL Volleyball @ ASOY (Genius, Messa, RYIS, La Cite)

MS Soccer Tourney ACD Douala Nov 1st/ 2nd

Nov 13 Volleyball home games (TBD)

CISAL MS Soccer Nov 16/17 @ ASOY (Embassy, RFIS, ACD, Polyvalent, LBA)

Boys, What a Jumper!

On another note, ASA's are officially in their 4th week, and, under Mr Ndjouma's guidance, are running on bearings. We have a record 39 offerings on tap this Season, with activities as diverse as Board and Box Games, Chef Club and Pep Squad (cheerleading.) Thanks to all teachers and volunteers, including S as A and CAS student-mentors, who have helped to make this a smooth launch, and a delight for parents and their children, our esteemed ASOY students who deserve the best that a well-rounded, and beyond-the-classroom program of extracurriculars has to offer. And, again, and importantly, let's offer a tip of the hat to our many Sports Team Coaches, from Swimming to Soccer, Elem Basketball and Varsity Volleyball for their ability to engage, empower and inspire our student athletes at all levels. We are off to a very good start for Season One, which culminates in only 10 weeks from now in MS Soccer CISAL on the weekend of the 16th, 2 days after Season One ASA's end on (you know it - Valentine's Day!) the 14th. Stay tuned for ongoing developments on this front!

Let's make it happen in 2019/20! On On Parrots!

Hands up for our Mascot - HipHip: HURRAY!
.............................................................................................MS soccer thrills and spills!! what a match!
Aceinyourfaceaceinyourface - ACE! (actually the shadow looks really nice left edge - Great Lighting!)

See y'all at our next Soccer game (Tonight!) and Girls' Volleyball on Wednesday!

First Vball "Away Game" vs Genius Trilingual School - disappointing result (!)
MS Soccer Boys and Girls in action on the New Field - everyone's a winner!
Yesterday' Game vs Genius School - Way to Go, Lady Parrots!!