Aryssa V

A-Africans population is the oldest.
B-Africa had many different battles.For example on battle they won and gained power was Adwa.
C-Africa is the 2cd largest continent.
D- Dingos are in Africa, they can get as tall as 5'1 and 44 pounds.
E- Elephants are important n Africa because their dropping produces soil which helps farmers improve their crops.
F-Four out of five fastest animals are mostly seen in the same area.
G-Greeks and Romans used the word "Africa" to state the northern side.
H-Hunter gathers were usually separated in small groups in Africa.
I-Islam is the most common religion in Africa.
J- The jewels in Africa aren't that different from the ones is the U.S.
K- Kilimonjaro is the highest mountain in Africa
L-Longest river there is in Africa is the Nile river.
M-Madagascar is the largest Island in Africa.
N-Nyala is a medium sized antelope tat lives in the deep forest of Africa.
O-oldest human remains is 200,000 years old found in Ethiopia.
P-People in Africa are divided into so many different tribes
Q-quinine is a medicine that helps people recover malaria.
R-The largest Rainforest in Africa is Congo Basin.
S-Sahara desert is the largest desert in Africa
T- There are over 3,000 areas that are protected in Africa.
U-There are unique Ecosystems.
V-Victoria Falls are the seven natural wonders of the world.
W-Water impacts the lives over 3,000 million people in Africa.
X-Xhosa is a traditional instrument in Africa.
Y-Yearly rainfall in Africa.
Z-Zika is a deadly thing in Africa.


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