Jobs in Tudor England What did they do to earn a living?

Watch below for a small snippet of some Tudor Jobs:

The Wealthy

Rich people in Tudor times did not have jobs that earned them money. They had land which they owned and would let peasants farm and grow crops on it. The peasants would have to pay the landowner money and some of the crops they grew as Rent. This is how Lords, Knights and people of the Nobility in England made money from renting their land to peasants.

Kings and Queens

The work for Tudor Kings and Queens was to rule the country, telling their nobles and knights what to do. This was very hard work and they did this from their throne at Westminster Hall or their Palace. Kings and Queens work was called Holding Court.

The Poor

Poor people in Tudor times had lots of work to do, and they hardly ever had time for fun and sports. Most poor Tudors were farmers. They had to grow their own food to eat. They grew crops and kept cows and sheep and chickens.

There were lots of other jobs that poor people in Tudor times did.

Jobs such as:

  • Carpenters – working with wood
  • Water Carrier
  • Kitchen Maid
  • Travelling Shoe maker
  • Yarn Spinner- spinning wool into thread
  • Weaver – weaving cloth
  • Book Binder – making books to be read

Some poor people in Tudor times could not work. They might have been disabled when they were born, or had a disease which meant they were not strong enough to work. There were some made lots of money out of begging – but this was against the law.

Portrait of a beggar

Obviously jobs in Tudor England were a lot different to what they are now. However some trades do still exist today but have been modernized.

Your Task:

Read the list of occupations in Tudor England on the below link. Once you have read them, identify how many of these occupations still exist today and if they are known as the same thing? Also identify 3 jobs that don't exist and explain why they don't.

The End

We have reached the end of the journey through Tudor England! Now before you start celebrating you need to complete a summary activity to prepare you for your assessment.

Answer the following question in 3 PEEL paragraphs. You may use your notes and devices to help you.

Don't forget to look at the different areas of society we have covered. You do not need to cover them all in your answer, just choose the ones you think help you answer the question the best.

"Describe how peoples lives in Tudor England were affected by the decisions made by the Kings and Queens of the time. Explain how the society of Tudor England is different from the society you live in today"
Well done

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