Sacramento-what's on your mind January 29 2017

On this day which was without planning because Eunice pause in tears tears tears when I asked him why are you in your room he looked at me his large-size said only for filled with crashing babes is Voice using is composure how hard he was trying to maintain his composure I had nothing to do I could not find anything to do" hearing this ad Edwards heartsick as if somebody had pushed in a sharp knife between his ribs he took a step back shattered immersed in his own thoughts he did not know what to say as if he was about to cry he regained composure and told his little son oh no there plenty of things to do why don't you come with me downstairs

Chapter 2 redemption

He he quickly gathered all the kids helping them to get ready without telling them where they would be going knew that they would crumble grown and not wish to go anywhere except to get pasted with their own

As we were riding and approached the guate bridge.

It was magnificent

As soon as gate bridge ended we were directly in front of State Assembly Hall.

Sami said the flag is up that means assembly session is going on

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Ecberbalochi B


Asma Baloch Yusaf and SalmanBaloch

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