Rehearsal Live Share 1.5.10 Chromebook/Android/Buffer Tuning - Scroll Down!


Chromebook for Rehearsal Live Share is here! Perhaps the number one request of at least the last 6 months has been: "Can you make a Chromebook version?" We are delighted to unveil it now. We currently support these models.

This is the initial Chromebook release. As with other first releases, there will be kinks to iron out. We will continue to update it quickly. But we are confident the core functionality is ready to go!


Most modern Chromebooks can run Android apps. So it made sense to approach Chromebook development as an Android app that can run on the ChromeOS (with minor tweaks). And of course, the benefit here is we can simultaneously release an Android version.

Note: there is a known issue affecting camera use. Early Android users may need to settle for just audio functionality to start. You can still have a worthwhile rehearsal session; we simply didn't want that issue to stand in the way of release.

Buffer Adjustments

Fundamentally, Rehearsal Live Share works because it adjusts the signals coming from each participant device, so they can all be synchronized for the director (and subsequently shared back in sync to the participants). On the platforms we've released so far - MacOS, Windows, and iOS - we could predict the necessary adjustments fairly reliably. However, in the course of our development, we realized this sort of automatic detection would not be possible on Chromebook or Android.

So instead, we've given the director the ability to make that decision by ear on a case-by-case basis. Through a quick tuning process, the director can gauge and make any necessary buffer adjustments to sync Chromebooks and Androids with everyone else. And since we had to do it anyway, we opened up the possibility to calibrate any device. If someone is dealing with local interference - or if you just want to tweak things for a slightly tighter response, now you can.

See It In Action

We'll Keep It Coming!

  • Currently supports 30 person remote rehearsals
  • Synchronized
  • MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Chromebook
  • MIDI or standard audio (mp3, wav)
  • Multichannel playback & recording
  • In-app playback of stereo and multichannel session recordings
  • Multichannel video recordings (mp4)
  • Personal Live Share
  • Individual participant buffer fine-tuning
  • So much more to come!