WWI trench warfare survival guide By Rodclif Anderson


Entrenching Tool


All new soldiers should have an entrenching tool. One reason why you need it is because it allows you to dig trenches and a home in a trench. Another reason that you should have one is because you can use it in combat.

Trench Knife


The next item you should bring is the trench knife. The trench knife and some other items can help you to kill rats that are in your trenches. Other than the entrenching tool, the trench knife can be useful if you are in the enemies trench or very close.

Gas Mask


Third on the list is a gas mask. Having a gas mask will protect you from gas attacks that the enemies have been using. It can also allow you to surprise the enemy with a gas attack and go through the gas.



The 4th thing you need is a helmet. Helmets will give you more armor or protection for your head. It could also block out the sun, help in fights, and protect you from falling objects.

Extra clothes


Finally you should bring extra clothes. One reason you should is because you would have to wear the same clothes for weeks. Another reason is if rats eat or bite some of your shirt, and wearing the same clothes for that long can give you some diseases.

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