factory System Riley martin

The factory system changed the economic system by providing many more jobs for everyday people, The factory system also aloud good to be produces faster and in larger portions therefore not costing as much.

The Factory System was the most significant during the 1800s' because it affected the economy, the country and individuals.

  • This was taking place during the early 1800s'. During this time many new inventions were coming about such as the steam boat, cotton gin and many more

When the factory system came about it offered the oppurtunity for many people to get jobs. Before this, it was mainly men working outside the house, this extended the work for women and children.

It affected the country by providing more jobs and produced cheaper goods.

It affected the North more because the South had saves which would have the plantations to farm. The North used factories for the bigger art of producing goods.

It affected westward expansion by encouraging people to move west.


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